Blütenkreisel (Carmen Sprung): Instructions

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This is a nice design

I folded mine slightly differently, but I really liked the outcome. Thanks for doing these videos for us, Sara!

easy and good looking

easy and good looking .incredible!

I'm trying with small paper

Maybe I shouldn't be doing my first try out of 3.5 inch paper. I've seen the diagrams and it looks like it gets small.

[same person as above] Please

[same person as above] Please don't tell me that size paper yields that size model D:

Don't use too small paper for your first try

The resulting model is quite small compared to the starting size of the paper. So it's better not too use too small paper, especially for the first try.

-- Sara

Where do you get the octagon paper?

May I request that, where do you get the paper (Octogon Shaped as you made in the video) becoz i dont see anything, links, to get the paper.

Related video

Hi Cheryl,

Above the video, there's a link to a "related video": shows how to get an octagon from a square.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara


There's clearly nothing wrong with this video, I'm just a beginner so this was a bit challenging for me, but after a little bit of fiddling I managed to make the flower on the first try! Thanks for an awesome vid!

i need help

i really need help on this model i dont know how to do it can you make an easyer video. even though its a low intermediate model and im a high intermediate folder i need help


me too.... its so hard and i cant see anything and... well... i even dont get the BEGGINING. fold here, fold there... and yea, im a intermediate folder...

the vid's fine

the video on how to make the octagon is perfectly fine. the more accurate n sharp your folds are, the neater your end product will be =P


i did what you said in the octagon video and when i fold in half my sides are uneven

my sides are uneven

my sides are uneven


mine 2


how would you make the octagon shape can u tell me how

Related video

I linked a related video which shows this. But here it is again: video on how to cut an octagon from a square


in this video, you say that the middle shape is a hexagon, when it's an octagon


Yes, I sometimes screw up terms while I'm doing the videos. Guilty as charged.

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