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Origami Video Number 100


i finnaly folded the kawasaki rose who woo

Great site, great videos, and with a beautiful teacher like you,
everything is more comfortable to learn.
A hug from Brazil.

Great website and videos... you are lovely and beautiful as well!
Thanks for your efforts x

I don't think I have a favourite model. Currently I'm really liking tessellations, and I do have a list of models I'm most likely to teach those that have never done origami before. Amongst those are Tomoko Fuse's Rotating Tetrahedron, Michael LaFosse's Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly, and Toshikazu Kawasaki's Spiral Snail Shell. I'm not saying they're my favourite models, but they are some that I appreciate for their beauty/fun factor and simplicity.
When I'm by myself I prefer more complex folds, but please don't ask me to rank them.

-- Sara

I really liked your snowflake video! I went crazy and almost did an entire blizzard of them!
Get it? Blizzard,Snowflake. Ha!Ha!Ha!



Hi sara!
I can't find the videos for the kawasaki models, are there videos for them?
Thanks it's just I'm pretty sure if there are any videos for them,
Yours are the best:)


Ah, when I started I didn't ask for permission. Shortly after I made this video I started, though, and thus some videos disappeared. The ones that I removed include all of those by Toshikazu Kawasaki, as he didn't give me permission.

-- Sara

aw thats a same but it was the right thing to do:)

Hi!!Is there any video for origami pawn-king-queen or bishop???
thanks in advance!!!

hey Sara what happened with the video of the tetrahedron???? I would like very much to fold it cause i didn't watched the video. So you didn't get permission or what?

I put quite a bit of effort into contacting Kazuo Haga, but never succeeded. That's quite unfortunate, I think it's by far the best of my earlier videos.

-- Sara

Could you then contact Kasahara Kunihiko or Toshie Takahama to give his email or something???????

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