Folding 1-Cube Exercise (Alessandro Beber): real-time (1.5 hours)

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Triangle Grid
Paper ratio: 

Origami ASMR (no talking): Tessellation "1-Cube Exercise" by Alessandro Beber

Paper used in this video: hexagon with a side length of 10.5 cm / diameter of 21 cm, Elephant Hide
Finished model: hexagon with a side length of 5.5 cm / diameter of 11 cm

Do you enjoy watching and listening to someone folding paper? Then this video is for you! There's no talking, only the paper being creased speaks. :)

Here, I fold a hexagonal sheet of Elephant Hide into the tessellation "1-Cube Exercise" designed by Alessandro Beber.

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