Asking for Permission vs Being Asked

You will know that I am a strong supporter of asking for permission when presenting other's work. In particular, I always get permission from the designer (or the copyright holder e.g. when the designer has deceased) before I make available an instructional video. I also wrote an article for TheFold, which gives some insight into how I go about asking for permission - and how you can do so, too, if you are planning similar projects: http://www.origami-u...

But you know what's even neater? Every now and then I now get contacted with the request to make a video. Well - that's not unusual if you are simply a viewer keen to see a specific model presented. But it is an absolute honor if it is the designer asking me to present one of his or her designs.

The other day Peter Engel contacted me with a preview of his upcoming book, "Origami Odyssey" and a query whether I'd be interested in promoting the book by presenting one model. This is something I've done with other books - usually me contacting the designer, though.

It's really rewarding to see such a request coming in, partly because it shows that my work is appreciated by designers - but also because it shows my idea of promoting books by presenting a model from it is seen as useful and worthwhile.

Of course, there are also other nifty things designers can do to promote their new publications. For example, Peter Engel posted a nice and funny video to announce his new book.

What an excellent idea! And while I've had the privilege of getting to see a preview of the book - and fold some models already - I'm also looking forward to the videos that will accompany the book. In particular, Peter Engel will be presenting some of the models diagrammed in his book with additional video instructions. Exciting! And fear not, I'm of course going to pick a different model to present in the upcoming instructional video, perhaps the Begonia Leaf?

And for those of you as excited as me about this upcoming book, you can preorder it here:


That's a really great honor!!!!! I can't wait for your next video! This is my proof of saying that your videos are AWESOME!!!

One more thing, you said you might do the Begonia Leaf, could you also do a video on the sun when you get the chance? I really like that model and the moon Peter Engel showed in the video.

I will be presenting one model, but I haven't decided yet which model that will be. The sun is definitely much harder to present, but it's also a model I am considering to demonstrate instead of the Begonia Leaf. We'll have to see!

-- Sara

Gosh, I'm in shock!

Nah, not really, I just can't find a better word to express my happiness for you. Congratulations!!

I have to return the compliment to Sara. I approached her because her videos and her webpage are uniformly excellent and because she is so generous of spirit. She's also a really fine folder. I'm delighted to entrust my work to her capable hands. Thanks, Sara!

--Peter Engel

I'm sorry for your papercut.

At about 0:43 in the video, what was the model? It looks really cool, so (just to make your choice of what model to teach harder) could you do a tuorial for it sometime in the future?

Sorry for the double-post, but I would have done the begonia leaf (I think that's the one in the video) with offset gridless square twists. Do you know if the model was created with a different approach? (I just designed a stink bug today, so I'm learning more and more about the effects of pleats.)

Neither the orchid nor the begonia leaf work with square twists.

-- Sara

At around 0:43 the orchid is shown. I don't think I'll make a tutorial on that model. I only want to demonstrate one model from the book, and prefer other models.

-- Sara

LIebe Sara,

vielen Dank für Deine Videos. Ich habe "Clover Folding " und "Waterbomb Tessellation" nach deiner Anleitung probiert (und schliesslich auch geschafft), und es hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht. Auch die Schneeflocke würde ich gerne in Naher Zukunft probieren.

Vielen Dank, dass Du diese Videos drehst und allen Origami-Liebhabern zur Verfügung stellst.

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