A new happyfolding.com

Today it's my pleasure to announce the new version of happyfolding.com. The site launched exactly seven years ago - on October 1st 2007. And the design stayed essentially the same throughout. But in the last seven years, the site has grown and the web has changed. For example, I browse a lot on my mobile phone nowadays - and I know so do many of you.

That's why I decided it was finally time to reorganize the content a bit, and make the website responsive. The old design, unfortunately, wasn't suited for that, which is why I started fresh. With the new layout happyfolding.com should now look good on different devices and at different resolutions - be it on your desktop, a tablet, or your mobile phone.

An image perhaps better explains what I mean by "responsive" and looking good on different devices. Here's what the old front page looked like on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone:

Notice how on smaller devices the content was simply cut off? Now, with the new design, the content adjusts and is just as accessible:

I do hope you enjoy the new look and feel. Let me know what you think!

And because just having a new look and organization isn't enough, I also decided to add a little extra content. Notable, there's now a page listing a bunch of origami online shops and the video creation guide I published with OrigamiUSA's The Fold in 2010/11 is now also available here. I do hope you enjoy the new content, too, and find it useful.

Finally, I'd like to share the new happyfolding logo with you. I designed this little dude wanting to capture both "happy" and "folding". Did I succeed?


Certainly looks more organized and sophisticated. Looking forward to further developments. Great job! =)

Hello Sara,congratulations for the new look :). I think the logo is pretty cool,thank you so much for everything you do for me and for all the people like me that love origami .
Kiss and hug from Portugal :)

Love the logo! Brilliant, memorable and HAPPY!!
Can't wait to share with my students!

You are a gem!!

Happiness and origami vibes are emanating from this awesome new layout and logo!! AWESOME!!

Hi there! I just noticed that in the video classification when you click on a category it automatically changes the videos, making it hard to do it quickly. Also, because I am typing this on a mobile device, it automatically cut off the sides of the text box, but that is not a big problem. Other than those "problems", it is a great website!

This is a wonderful site. Sara always explains complicated directions - and in close-up! Even this old dog can learn new tricks from her!! The new site is terrific. Good on ya.

Hi :) We are students from Korea!
We are interested in your curlicue!!
So, we want to know math theory about your curlicue.
Please answer to my email .
Thank you for reading my comments!

Hi Sara,

I found your website via Kusudama me! and I must say I am totally loving the clear origami tutorials and diagrams available here. You must have put in a lot of effort into building this awesome website. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work! I would definitely recommend your website to my origami group! :)


The changes turned better what was already very good! Congratulations! I warmly thank your dedication and affection with us! Kisses from Brazil! <3

Yesterday I tried your video "single strip curlicue" what a patience in teaching and showing the details. Of course I am not finished yet, but it is a good moment to say thank you and appreciate your try.I hope good and healthy life for you.
Best wishes and happy folding

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