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Ok, so it's only the student newspaper. But still: they did a 2-page feature for origami in the culture section. There's an online version of the issue at http://www.cherwell...., and origami is on page 22/23. I've attached a pdf that only shows those two pages. Alternative, there are also two (slightly modified) online versions of the article at http://www.cherwell.... and http://www.cherwell....

Unfortunately, they didn't give credit to the designers of the models in the pictures after all. I tried my best. Their explanation of origami (ori meaning paper, and gami meaning folding -- ohoh...) seems to have gone slightly wrong. I did get them to mention Robert J. Lang and TreeMaker (well, they write TreeProgram, but I guess it's "close enough"), though, which was a nice surprise.

For completeness, here's the missing recognition:

Model taught: Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly (Michael LaFosse)
Pictures: The Last Waltz (Neal Elias), Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly (Michael LaFosse), Pegasus (Satoshi Kamiya), Umulius Rectangulum (Thoki Yenn), Box (Tomoko Fuse)


Hi there Sara, althou we dont know each other (and my guess is we wont be able to, since i live in Mexico and you live very far far away :D) i'd really like to thank you, i feel like a leecher :( watching all your videos to help me in my foldings and i've never thanked you!

So i decided to take a few minutes of my time to actually tell you, thanks! i dont even have a year of being an origami addict, but i sure love it and i love all your videos, you are an excellent folder :D

I usually just look the diagrams when im folding but when im really lost in a step, i take a peek on your videos :D and they help me a lot!! (btw i love your accent hahaha)

Well, this is all for now, i'd really like to make a donation, but i cant send paper (origami paper CANT be found where i live, need to order it, and its expensive) and im quite poor :( but one day! i will donate you some coins! :D

Again thanks and good bye Sara! keep folding, i know i will :D

P.S: i loved your last video of the Pointy Star, made two of them today :P

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