Origami Dictionary

Origami has its own set of terms. While working on subtitles for my videos I looked for a resource that listed the "origami vocabulary" in different languages. I didn't find a comprehensive source, so the next best thing I could think of was - of course - create that resource myself.

Long story short, I've started an origami dictionary at http://www.happyfold.... It's still quite basic, but should help already.

Currently, you can select a source language and a target language. Then all terms in the source language are listed, and - where existent - translations to the target language are given. Selecting the same source and target language gives you a sort of glossary.

I will want to extend this in the following ways:

  • add pages for each term that show diagrams and give a textual explanation [in English]
    the terms in the dictionary then directly link to those pages
    this will be especially helpful for the glossary
  • add a search function, with the option to search across all languages, or a specific language
  • maybe: add a way of contributing translations
  • maybe: add a way of reporting incorrect translations

and, of course: more languages, and possibly more origami terms

Do you want to help? Here's how:

Do you know origami terms in foreign languages that are missing?
Are any of my translations incorrect?
Which origami terms should also be in the dictionary?
What features would you like to see in an origami dictionary?
Also: Do you want to write some descriptions for terms or contribute diagrams for them?

My motivation for this dictionary is:

  • Look up translations when reading diagrams in foreign languages.
  • Look up terms when translating diagrams into other languages.
  • Look up terms and what they mean. [glossary] - I still need to add pages with details to each term.
  • Help establish a set of recognized origami terms in each language.

Finally, a small disclaimer. The aim of this dictionary is to document which terms are being used in different languages. That means the dictionary shouldn't make you feel obliged to invent new terms just to "complete" a language. If the English terms have been used, then that's absolutely fine.

Happy folding - and translating,

-- Sara


You can now search for terms that have a details page. I added a couple of details pages. I am far from done with the dictionary (add more details pages, post more data on existing details pages, add more translations/languages), but the most important features are now implemented, I think. I'm still not sure whether I should add an option to contribute or report translations.

i think that an origami dictionary is a great idea. i have tried it in the past but i definitely got bogged down in some of the wording. thanks for the info, i might pick this up and try my hand at it again.

Yes it's avery nice idea. My wife will surely be happy to read this dictionary.....she loves origamy, but the passion is spreading to me as well:))

Hey Sara!
This dictionary you created- its awesome! Lol! =p Very nice and great for Origami Beginners. =)

can you please spare some time and make a video on how to make a doodlebug by yami yamauchi. I'm sure everyone will apreciate it. Oh and by the way nice work on the dictionary
:) :) :)

It would be nice if the dictionary were printable.
And another word: origami model (I think it's origure).

Hi Dorothy,

Try printing the page with your browser. I've added a custom style sheet that should just deliver you a long table. Hope that's what you were looking for.
As to your term suggestions, I guess I didn't include "model", because I added "design". It's not exactly the same, so I'm a bit reluctant to add it as a synonym. What do you think?
"Designer" and "folder" ... I'll think about it. I guess a synonym for designer would be "creator".

-- Sara

It is an excellent dictionary.Thanks for the links.I am glad to see something difficult and nice.I will use it with confidence.This post is very useful for me.Keep up with the great work.

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I have never heard for a similar dictionary till now.I think that it will be very useful that's why origami dictionary is a great idea.Keep it up!

That is very interesting idea.I have to greet you.More languages, and possibly more origami terms sound incredible.Keep it up with this dictionary.

Hey Sara, great thinking. how do u think lots of staffs? I Am impressed. And most importantly, the things u wanna extend are just neat and perfect. All the points. I just cant which one is most preferable. And u have sorted everything so clearly. Fantastic.

Thanks a lot for this useful post, the dictionary is perfect, so usable for my actual purposes.

wow.. just a random happy foldong website.. not my favorite.. does this website even have something about origami?? like, i have a homework project and i need the materials, vocabulary words, steps to make origami, and reasons why someone else should know how to make origami.. this website does not have anything interesting and did nothing to help me.

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