So, which videos will you be doing next?

Yes, that's one of the questions I get asked frequently. So after some pondering I decided to make my plans more public. I decided to give you two insights into my status:

First, I will post the models I plan to make videos on next. I've decided to mark those models that I want to make a video on soon with a high priority.

Second, I also compiled a list of designers I've tried to contact, and marked which have granted me permission, or rejected. So if you want to request a specific model, do check whether I have been in contact with the designer. If they have rejected there is no point in asking. If I haven't been in touch with them it might take a while until I manage to do so. Also, they might decide to reject.

I decided not to add my plans to the normal RSS feed, especially because I've been adding lots of data. I might decide to change that in the future. For now, if you want to keep up to date, simply add the RSS feed for plans to your reader.

Hope this is close to what the curious amongst you are interested in,

-- Sara


I would be glad if you will make a movie on the preperation of the Snowflake.
The result is fantastic :)

i also hope you make a vid for the snowflake but after that i highly recomend the star box jeje i hope you can do both! jeje tanks for every thing

I'll probably first make the winter/Christmas models, just because I think it suits the season. But if I'm super diligent, I might be able to make videos on all four before the year ends...

-- Sara

The "Pending" video list is a great idea :) That should place your avid fans at ease. Or make them even more excited ^_^ Either way, it's all good. I do like the snowflake :) I can't wait to see it. I wonder where I can get my hands on some white paper like the one you are using? I'll have to investigate soon :)

Great job getting all of the permission from the creators! :) And for those that you didn't get, I totally understand.. :)

--- doctorbeans ---

can you please do another new video on the andrea's rose.
Since you didnt instruct on how to do it step by step please make another video again

I was fascinated with your videos. I don't have much knowledge about these things 'til I came to this site and seen your videos. Really fantastic.

hey sarah i have a question, can you make a video of the Manta Ray from Quentin Trollip PLEASE! I've checked if you have permission on doing videos of Quentin but you haven't contacted him. if you don't get the permission i totaly understand but please do your best doing it please! i thank you early

wat kind of people are you demanding things from her. she is doing things for herself. Say something else and my thang going to hiccup

The bull is very nice.PLEASE make a video about

The Bull and Llopios Moment of Truth are awesome! can you make a video of these please??

PLESAE could you do a vid on the rose by brian chan and ill rate *****star & subscribe

hi sarah,
if you are comfortable with cps my ultimate wish would be quentin trollips gray wolf. Maybe it's a nice challenge for you to do a collapsing tutorial for a printed cp and leave the mess of finding reference points to the viewers.

I can't wait to see it. I wonder where I can get my hands on some white paper like the one you are using? I'll have to investigate soon.

Hey have you ever tried doing the pegasus by Anibal Voyer? I would like to see its picture and its video from you soon.please do contact the designer soon . please forward my request.


I really appreciate your videos and the effort you take to teach the folding community. As a newcomer, I noticed the origami society is very conscious of copyright related aspects, which is good for the authors who need to make a living, but can be limiting at the same time for people like me who want to learn the more complex models.

What about making videos showing only the 'tricky moves' in a complex fold. For instance, I have tried Kamiya's Ancient Dragon and there are a couple of steps which are not well diagrammed and a lot of people, including me got stuck on it. By making a video of these individual steps you are enabling people who legitimately bought the book from the author but can not follow along.

I think that this could be a win win situation for both the author and the folder. And as far as I know, it would not infringe any copyright law as you are not showing the complete folding of the model.

Well, the good thing is many designers are happy to share their work. They just like being asked first, which I fully understand. Yes, there are some designers that do not give me permission (e.g. Toshikazu Kawasaki or Satoshi Kamiya), but in that case I'd also feel uncomfortable with making videos on just specific steps.
I do know some people make these kind of videos, mostly on demand. But I think I'll stick to making full video instructions.

-- Sara

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