10-Fold Origami: Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Steps!

Engel, Peter
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Tuttle Publishing (September 2009)
March 2010
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Sara i believe that it would be better if you put the books in order of time you bought them. It's a bit boring to put all the stuff in alphabetic order. So what do you think?

I don't think I know the exact order anymore. If it's interesting, I can add a field that specifies when I acquired each book. I wouldn't have thought others would find this interesting, though.

-- Sara

Well that's a nice idea too i was just trying to say that if you were putting the books in this order you are giving us and another clue about the books that's why i wanted you to do this

I've added a field that specifies since when a book got added to my library. The dates (month/year) should be roughly correct, and I managed to add them for all except one. I think I'll be able to add most dates for the booklets I have, too, but we'll see. Note, though, that some books were presents, rather than me buying them.
I also didn't add these dates to the overview page, because I believe most will not find it that interesting. Maybe I'm wrong, but at least the data's there now. ;)

-- Sara

hi sara, i was wonderin if u might be willing to write your own reviews for the books you got. it would really help alot of people i think including me. if you do write reviews for you books could you include the following: average paper size for the more complex models, 1-10 rating, average difficulty rating for the more complex models, are the diagrams cledar, and your own personal oppinon. i realize that this is probably alot to ask for, but it would really help. if you don't have the time or don't want to do it thats fine.
thanks for listening

Well, Gilad has a long list of reviews, and it's hard to top that. :)
In some ways I try to contribute to the origami community things that are not as accessible yet. That's why I did the dictionary, and that's why I next want to do a section on where to buy paper. Writing reviews is a bit lower on the list. I think I'd also find it hard to write honest reviews, because they're very subjective and I wouldn't want to rate a book less complimentary. My opinion on various books changes over time, too. It goes both ways, sometimes I find I enjoy a book much more than in the beginning, sometimes I don't like the designs presented as much anymore after a while. And it can change more than once. Ah, I don't know whether I want to go into it.

-- Sara

no problemo ;)