Hatching Chick (Peter Engel): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Action models
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Easter Origami Instructions: Hatching Chick (Peter Engel)

Paper used in this video: 24cm square (10in)
Finished model: egg with a length of 12cm, height 9cm (5in length, 3.75in height)

Perfect for Easter!


thank you so much Sara i recently got the book and i gave it a try but couldn't understand the step 4a but after i figured out what to do but i never try it again so thanks for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please may you do the butterfly from BOS convention that robert lang made


thank you so much for this video it was one of the most easy to follow origami videos i have ever seen

Hey, Sara! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial for the origami chess set. Thanks!

I too would urge Sara to make a tutorial for the origami chess set. I have never managed to go over step 5 "the rabbit ears" of doom! And I believe it would make many other people's day if a video tutorial was published!

I have watched this video and read the instructions and both were not able to help me. I am stuck at step 4.

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