Wedge Flexicube (David Brill): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Action models
8 units
Paper ratio: 


okay this is for part one. After 6 minutes I can't understand. Can you give images and subtitles instead of a whole video. I think that would be more helpful. You know those directions for origami in books, do that. I like direction and pictures more. Just please subtitle and be more more precise at which point you're talking about. You should make a video of you and someone doing it. If they have questions they are probably commonly asked questions that you could answer in the video to help him and the people at home. Thanks. Please email me back at where else I can go to find "normal" written/subtitled pictures. Thank you.

Try clicking on the link provided at "Diagrams". It links to the BOS website, which offers a booklet with diagrams on how to fold this model. Please feel free to buy these diagrams.
However, I will not be doing subtitles. Partly this is because I actually WANT people to buy diagrams. After all, this is how many designers make (part of) their living.

hi sara! i just wanted to know if there is any way to buy those diagrams in american dollars, as i live in america and do not have "pounds" to buy stuff with

This comment is only trying to help you. I thing you should try to make better quality video. Between parts of the video tutorial the camera seems to blur, making it hard to see important parts.

I'm not sure why, but my camera sometimes goes out of focus. I don't know how to prevent it, I fear.

On the camera, under the (video) preferences, it should be possible to choose single or continuous mode for the autofocus: if you choose single the camera uses the same focus (taken at the start of the video) all the time; if you choose continuous the focus is adjusted as the subject moves (in your case when your hands get closer to the camera, leading to the paper getting out of focus). Hope this can be of help ;)

One thing that I learned and have some what applied to this is if you do not know what to do in a certain step, look ahead and then try and figure it out.

I had a hard time with the video also, but like someone wrote look ahead at some of the other parts and figure it out. It help me alot. Thanks for sharing

Can you please make one more clear videoif you have time.
I really need a new tutorial because the camera turns blurr after some time.

This sort of a video is really not recomended for beginners like me so I request a new tutorial. I am extremely sorry if you think I am hurting your feelings in any way.

Waiting for your good reply

I just finished it! I am going to play with it for hours or at least until my little sister breaks it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xDDD

Hello Sara
Your video is quite unclear even after I clicked the HQ button.. I'd suggest you make another clear video of this if you have time..


Thanks Sara, just completed this model. The video was great, very helpful. Thanks again!! Love the site and all the models, can't wait to try more! Keep up the good work!!

Can you make more of these ACTION related stuff i cant find anymore!

Hello Sara,my name is Melissa. I'm a pretty experienced origamist,but unfortunately, i cannot quite see the creases in the video. Despite the quality however,your voice guidence is flawless. If you have the time, can you please make another tutorial on how to do the wedge flexicube? Thank You very much if you have read this.

Ah, maybe sometime in the distant future I will make new videos for many of the models I demonstrated back when I started. This one is somewhere between moving from low-quality to high-quality, so it wouldn't be the first video I'd want to revisit. Sorry. :(
The problem is always time, not motivation. This project is "just" a hobby, and not the only one that I fill my spare time with. So making a video a month is already stretching my limits, I fear. And there are so many models out there that I haven't demonstrated yet that it tempts me more than revisiting models. Hope you understand.

-- Sara

I completely understand if it is inconvenient. I'm not upset at all, and thank you for responding quickly. I know that I wouldn't want to remake an origami model, so it is completely fine if you continue to demonstrate what you haven't done. I am glad I got your message,so thank you once again. I learn most of my origami from you, so I'm pretty surprised that you answered back. Basically, YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!! :)

--Melissa Nguyen :)

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