Maple Leaf (Kyo-seok Oh): Old Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Flowers & Plants
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Please view the updated version here - it includes clearer instructions.


At 2:48(when it's 2:48 minutes left) did you do a spread squash fold there?

Hi there,
I just folded it again to double-check. It's a normal squash-fold, not a spread-squash. I'm thinking about actually doing a retake of this video, the model's not explained very well.

can you really make this video over because well... I'm kind of a slow learner. Soo sorry T.T
Thank You :D

ok, I think I did it. not sure, but I made it and it looks great:D thank you:)

i was so lost especially at 2:51 and the rest .. can u please make it clear

im lost at 2:36 I cant make the last rabbit ear make it more clear plz

i was lost at 4:40 can u make it clear plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

i am lost at minute 1:50 help

your voice is not clear enough and neither is the video

You skip a few steps. I am sorry to say, but this is not a very good instructional video. Your some of your others are quite good, but this one is very confusing.

I've been meaning to do a remake of this video for quite a while. Actually, I'd thought about making it before the double star flexicube, but decided differently after all. It might well be that my next video will be it.

its to hard and i dont get 4.15 t0 5.05 please help and reply

Beautiful work! But I got tired after watching just half of it...
it's hard work! :-(
:-) regards from Brazil :-)

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