Three-headed Dragon (John Montroll)

Montroll, John
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 


is this model by anibal voyer? it doesnt actually look like the one in the diagram

yeah, i agree with javier... can you please make a video on how to make the three headed dragon by john montroll.... i checked amazon and it costs 50$!!! it'll take me forever to save that much money....T_T oh well, thanks in advance! :P

good work :^)

By looking at this picture and the "Dragon in flight".. they seem very similar.. Is that true???

Um.... no :)
Actually, I think the models look quite different, and obviously a model with 10 points (3 heads, tail, 2 wings, 4 legs) will have to be designed quite differently to a model with 8 points (minus 2 heads). ;)

-- Sara

by looking at this picture,the three head seems to be made from a frog base.and the tail is from a bird base.the wings seems to have extra paper inside it and there is an extra layer of paper that is hidden beneath the body.i experimented on using a windmill base(that is smaller) and squashes all of them to make 1 stretched bird base and 4 frog base.but then i didn't know what to do next or what base to fold.could you drop me a hint?

Do you think you would be able to get the permission from John Montroll to do a tutorial on this? I cant get the book anywhere (no, not even online) because my parents wont let me, and I would really love to make this model. Sorry if I'm bothering, I was just wondering. Thanks in advance! :3

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