[old] Rose Brooch (Sy Chen): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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Mother's Day
Valentine's Day
Flowers & Plants
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Origami "Rose Brooch" by Sy Chen


ay!!!! i just thought of something!!! i know how to make this really cool origami hydralisk, and there is only one video on youtube for that that isn't very clear. i think it would be cool if you could like, watch that and if you get it try and make it and maybe make a video on it. it's a really fun origami project

If you're talking about the video titled "Turning an origami crane into a hydralisk" (http://www.youtube.c...), then I can tell you I won't make a redo of that. If you're talking about a different video - I don't know.
More generally, though, I've got a long todo list lying round here and - to be quite honest with you - a hydralisk wouldn't be my favourite subject to fold.

okay. yeah it was the turning a crane into a hydralisk. i thought i would just be an idea that you might like.

I am so happy I came across your video on Youtube! I have been looking for how to make a rose like this for my wedding and no one has been able to help me. What I am looking for however, is just the flower, without the leaves. I do have a photo that I would love to show you, because I need some help with how it is made. It's like a flower within a flower. Is there any way to fold this without the leaves? Please let me know ASAP... I would love to know and am SO excited that you make this item!! Thankx, Nicole

Shit I can't find it out how to do 3:50.... :@
Can someone help me please
tnx Gijs

Hm, there's nothing happening at 3:50 - it shows what the model looks like after repeating the previous step 3 times, and explains where to put the next creases (simple valley folds). Can you clarify?

-- Sara

I just did it and is just like yours...Thank You So Much!!! P.S. - If you have permission to make a instructional video about ''Kawasaki Rose''. I'll be the ''happiest'' if you do;).

I don't have permission to make videos on Toshikazu Kawasaki's videos. He doesn't want instructions for his models to be available online. Sorry,

-- Sara

Winson Chan's diagrams for the "new" version are on Joseph wu's site. The rose helped me with this one girl at my school, so I'l have to see if the brooch works with it!

I just love making origami. Thank you for sharing this video, I've been dying to make my own origami and I love it that I came across your site and saw the tutorial. I hope I can figure it out right. Thanks again.

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