Mudarri Luna Moth (Michael LaFosse)

LaFosse, Michael
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 


Can you make a video on how to fold that? I appreciate it.

P.S. thanks for making great videos!

Michael LaFosse does instructional videos on many of his models already. You can buy a DVD that includes instructions for the Mudarri Luna Moth at Amazon. If you want an impression on what his instructions are like, check I think they are most excellent!

Is this moth and the 'Alexander Swallow Tail Butterfly' the same because I feel both have the same folding techniques!!!

If you look closely you will see several differences between the "Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly" and the "Mudarri Luna Moth". For example, the colouring of th moth's body is different than that of the butterfly.
But the models are quite similiar. Michael LaFosse developed a system for folding butterflies that can be varied slightly to achieve different species of butterflies. You can find out more about it in his book "Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies" by Richard L. Alexander & Greg Mudarri, or on the DVD "Origami Butterflies and Moths" by Origamido.

I would be very happy if you make a video on how to make this model. It would be a good idea to make the symbol of this site.

Can you please just please make the video on how to make the mudarri luna moth. I am begging you.

Michael LaFosse makes videos himself, and excellent ones at that. I don't really think it's necessary for me to make videos of his models, too, and don't think he'd give me permission. I haven't asked, mostly because I don't see a point in making videos of models where excellent ones exist already. You can buy his DVD on several of his butterflies at http://store.origami... - it was also available on Amazon for some time, but it seems no longer.

If you'd like to see some free sample video, check - for a butterfly go to "Fold more models" in the top right corner, select "Origami Now!" and then the second video from the right. That's a video for his Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly, which is a similar design. Of course it's not the same thing, but the DVD that's for sale does include the Mudarri Luna Moth. Or you can buy the book on Michael LaFosse's butterflies: http://store.origami...

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

he has a video of how to make this model on his website.. save ur videos for something that is not already out there available to everyone..

I own LaFosse's book on Origami Butterflies. There is one step on this model (Mudarri Luna Moth) that I just can't get right, step 9, and I don't understand the diagram and instructions. I'm looking for a free video or at least some step by step photographs...
If you could please help me, I'd be grateful.

Well i own another book by Michael LaFosse the "Origami Art" and it has diagrams for it but in my book step 9 is turn the model over so if could you give me any clue to understand where you stuck i might can help you

Moth? i thought it was a Butterfly!

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