Maple Leaf (Kyo-seok Oh): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Flowers & Plants
Paper ratio: 

Paper used in this video: 15cm square (6 inch)
Recommended paper size: 20cm square (8 inch)

This is a more detailed version of the previous video I made. I hope it clarifies any steps people might have had problems with in the first version.


I'm getting a weird deja-vu feeling...have you posted a video on this model b4? Or is just me?

It reads:

"This is a more detailled version of the previous video I made. I hope it clarifies any steps people might have had problems with in the first version."


(that wasn't very bright of me)

I really like oragami but i think you more directions besids why show it if your not going to teach it

Hm, but this video does show you how to fold it. It does give directions. I do try to teach you how to fold it. Or is this just a translation error?

looks liek cannabis leaf too =)) wondering if it will possible to make the lil leaf pieces thighter to make it more similar to canabis leaf :-P

Thank u for the video Sara, I'm a diagram fan in China. I found your video on youtube and then I came here according to the subtiles on your video. Now I know how to fold it, thank U :-)

Sorry, wrong spelling, I'm a origami fan in china, not "a diagram fan in China". I was using a discarded diagram for origami practice, and typed diagram instead of origami. :-D

I was looking for a clover from one piece of paper and I found one at the Austrian site http://www.origamiau... which has been inspired by this maple leaf. Have you tried it? I'm not sure about steps 14-16. It could be great if you could help me. Thanks!

I made the 4 bunny ears but i didn't get how to the mountain fold afterwards.

Thanks for the information shared. I really appreciate the efforts as im pretty hooked on oragami !!! it definately beneficial for me who has just started out

Mi sobrino de 10 años es paralitico y su gran hobby es el origami, hemos pasado horas juntos diviertiendonos y siguiendo tus instrucciones , el va al colegio con las figuras y sus amigitos se sorprenden de lo que puede hacer con un simple papel. Tu sitio nos ha dado mucha alegria y a él mucha confianza en sus habilidades manuales.
Mil mil gracias por compartir tu arte con nosotros.
Desde Chile con afecto

Hi, I am not able to see or print the third page of the diagram. My version of Adobe will not work with this file (I have the most recent version as far as I know here in the US) Is there anyway I can get the third page?

Hm, I'm not sure. I just tried opening the diagrams, and it worked fine for me.
I opened the PDF in my browser, which is Chrome. Perhaps you want to give that a try?

-- Sara

hey, if u wanted to u could make the maple leaf totally red and make a Canadian flag... u just need to mount it to white paper with red strips on it lol

I got stuck in part 2. I have a feeling that at the end of video 1, I did something wrong. Paper color and video resolution is really bad. Cannot see the folds very well. Is there a diagram anywhere?

I am always astonished with the elegance into which pre-folds collapse and by the mind that envisioned it happening. Thank you Sara for this wonderfully clear tutorial.

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