Origami website launched:


could you make a video on making a website because i want to make one but i don't know how. please?

I don't think this will happen, mostly due to time constraints of mine. However, I am sure you'll be able to find other sources on how to set up a website successfully. You might want to have a look at Drupal, which I am using for this website.

i've been wondering for a while, what ever happened to your rose cube video?


I had a video up on how to make the rose cube. Only later did I contact Valerie Vann asking whether she was ok with this. This was a lapse of mine when I started doing videos. All videos that I now create are done so with permission of the designer, and old videos for which I did not get permission (mostly because I wasn't able to contact them) were removed a while ago.

I actually did succeed in contacting Valerie Vann. Unfortunately, she greatly objects to any form of instructions on her models that were not created by herself. The video on her Magic Rose Cube was the first I removed, actually. [...]

You will surely understand my reasons for removing my video. [...] I am aware of quite a few other sources being out there on how to fold her fantastic design. Obviously, it's everyone's own choice whether they will respect a designers wishes or not - or even try to find out what their wishes are.

I will add, though, that Valerie Vann totally vanished from public origami life due to many people disrespecting her wishes, and furthermore objecting to the fact that she expressed them. I find the origami community to be very warm and welcoming, and find it sad to see that in some cases respect is missing for the time and effort creators of models put into them.

I am also aware of the fact that many designers love to share their models, and some might not understand why Valerie wants to restrict the ways in which her work is spread. In the end, though, it is her own decision, and it should not be questioned, but respected.

Finally, I felt her answer to my query was quite aggressive. This makes me believe she is still deeply hurt, and angered, by the way people just use her ideas without asking her. It made me feel quite bad about making a video on her design. I want to promote origami in general, and the work of some fantastic designers. In this I want to help enrich the community. Valerie's objections showed me that it is important to double-check what you are doing is not going to have unwanted effects.

This is so great - I used to make similar looking Origami when I was a i´kid. I recently cam acroos this really cool artist called Hélio Oiticica who makes origami type art work - its really interesting . . .

Cool stuff. I have started practising it.

Oh man...I used to be a origami master when I was a kid. This brings back great memories!

I would really like to make that rat.. how long does it take on average to make a paper rat?

Check http://www.happyfold... for a video on how to fold Eric Joisel's rat. It depends very much on your skill level how long it takes to complete it. I'd say for your first fold up to an hour, once you know the model maybe 15 minutes.

Wow, for so long i've been looking for something similar. Since i was a kid i tried to make origami but never managed to realise what really can you do with a peace of paper.

Thanks a lot man!

it is simply amazing, fabulous piece of art.

I also love seeing people make things out of paper. A nice thing I recently came across can be seen at http://cultivategrea... where you can learn ways to fold a currency note in various shapes and leave that to tip the waiters at a restaurant.

I really think Origami should be encouraged. It is truly an art most forgotten with video games and networking websites.

I like your blog very much you have done a beautiful work with paper it is a beautiful art and the pictures you have shown are the beautiful one i liked your work very much.

Seeing this kind of art reminds me of the fantastic glass sculptures that we have here in Prague. I'm glad to see that origami is being taken to further heights - unfortunately, glass art here is on the down due to the world crisis and falling tourist rates. Hotels get less business and this also affects the glass and ceramic workshops in Czech. Perhaps Czechs should consider origami now! :)

This is a really neat site you've got here, and this video provides a great overview of it! I've always been fascinated with origami and all things related to paper folding, but the most I can seem to get away with is making paper footballs at restaurants :-P I'm going to try to memorize a few of the projects you have around the site :)

Scrapbooking Ideas from

the website is a lot different now from the one that came out in this video.....

Well, it's been over 1 1/2 years, after all. I've expanded the website, but the original features are still present. Some content has moved, but I think in a plausible way. And I do hope the website has improved since!

-- Sara

It's really very amazing and interesting art.I am also fond of making these kind of things out of paper.In my childhood I used to make so many things like kite ,frog,aeroplane,boat etc.I will try again to do it through your site.

Origami has always been an interesting thing for me since childhood. I used to make many things with paper. The site is great and the video also provides an overview of it.

Hey.This is a really neat site you've got here, and this video provides a great overview of it! I've always been fascinated with origami.

Origami is always an interesting topic for most of us. And this site is really nice dealing with origami and also having video of how to do that! Wow!

Origami always got me interested since childhood. I loved using paper to make different sorts of things. The video is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Origami is such an appealing art and also attracts a lot of attraction. I am sure of getting some more among my friends now. Really nice video. I'll be an entertainer now for the people around.

I am a person who has to see something done to do it myself, and these videos are just great. I have always wanted to learn origami but was so overwhelmed and find books on it hard to understand. Thanks for this site!


Origami is a very interesting wok and it helps you pass your time whenever you feel bored. It gets the creative side of you out. I love paper work and making new new things.

Origami is always an interesting topic for most of us. And this site is really nice dealing with origami and also having video of how to do that!

This must have been recorded on a linux machine. I may have had a Mac-style theme enabled back then, though. (I do have a Mac now.)

-- Sara

i'd like to try to teach them how to do origami, but I don't want them to be frustrated if its a little above their skill level. Are there any beginner pieces I could try?

I try to rate models by difficulty, but do know that my understanding of "simple" or "intermediate" differs from some other people's understanding. :)
You can check the instructions page for the models I've classified as simple (currently 38 videos -- but including techniques). Here are the ones I'd go for first: the butterfly (Akira Yoshizawa), the collapsible box, the lotus flower, and the dress shirt. Then "Can Love be Squashed?" (Sy Chen), the bat (Anita Barbour), and "Jump" (Hans-Werner Guth).

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

I removed all videos where I either did not get permission to make these accessible online, or those where I did not succeed in contacting the designer (or copyright holder). This was around the time when I switched from making videos without asking to always asking beforehand.

I removed a couple of videos and made the credits a bit more prominent, and re-uploaded those.

As to which videos vanished: all of the videos I made on Toshikazu Kawasaki's models (Rose, New Rose, Frog, Lizard, Spiral Snail Shell), Patricia Crawford's Full Rigged Ship, Junior Jaquet's Kissy Fish, Kazuo Haga's Tetrahedron, Miyuki Kawamura's Geosphere; and Joseph Wu's Bird-base Chess Set.

Joseph Wu's Chess Set - first no permission, then did get permission, but was too devastated by the quality of the video to reupload them
All of Toshikazu Kawasaki's models - no permission
All remaining models - did not succeed in contacting the designer

-- Sara

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