[old] Snail (Shiri Daniel): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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much addicted to origami huh..oh..i like those what yew made..XD...make lots more..XD

1. you need to learn how the lighting in the room affects the video.
2. you need to speak louder
3. get a thicker marker
4. use a paper with different colors on each side
5.move you fuckin fingers

When watching some of my more recent videos you will see that I have worked on these points already. I'm trying to improve the quality of the instructions with every video I make, and think I've already come a long way from my first videos (which actually aren't online anymore). This one is a very early one, and when I find time I might redo it. In the end, however, it's just a hobby. I don't get paid for it, and you don't have to pay to watch it. I guess that means you cannot expect as professional videos.

I shall Squelch out your words with pride:

1. Once you have gone through the same experence as Sara:

(Videos, Stage fright, Using common papers that most people have, Learning that a marker is more effective than a Multicolored Reverse Paper, and having to deal with a person such as yourself!!!)

then you may actually complain or criticize her generous work, other wise be thankful that she cares as much!

2 Mister, I mean this as an advice, learn BETTER ENGLISH, build BETTER VOCABULARY!!!

Thankyou for your attention


if you don't like how this website is conducted, then go somewhere else, you're just looking for something to complain about...

Get over yourself you FREAKIN RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your instructions helped me tremendously when I couldn't figure out what was going on in the written diagrams. This is now one of my favorite models!

thank you very much usually i have to down load a bunch of diagrams very confusing i am now thanks to you a inter mid origami maker.

Just discovered your website. Thank you for making it and helping others to have a lot of fun. I think they are great!!!I shall certainly enjoy doing origami.

I don't get how it's folded . I don't understand from the beggining of the shell :( , any tips? Thank you Sara and sorry for my bad english:D

Seus origamis são maravilhosos! Gostaria de obter o diagrama do Pato. Obrigada

Can you please make a new video of this? I'm not trying to be rude but' I couldn't really see your folds on the brown paper. If you are going to do anew one Please use a darker marker and use light coored paper.
P.S. I ove your videos

Seriously, we are all just wanting to learn how to do this. It just goes to show that some seople are better at teaching than others. Please try to move your fingers when you show us an example. And not for just a half a second. What is your rush? I agree the marker and the lighting suck. I appreciate your trying to show us an example, but some of the comments are right on. The shell part is very confusing because you can't see what you're doing. At all... Please slow down and close up on the model. We want to see the folds, not you. Again, what is your rush? If people go to this site I think they are willing to take the time to do it right and not complain. What's 4~5 more minutes of video? I got all the way to the shell and got lost. Yes, yours looks great we get that. Is this a video to help other people or a website to toot your own horn? I've read where you stated you worked with other people to make certain models. We don't have that luxury. Since this is the only video on the web youshould at least try to fix it. Or don't post them at all. It ends up just being a tease.

This is one of my earliest videos, and yes, they are hard to follow. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to redo all my old videos, although with time it might happen. Check one of my more recent videos (see the instructions section) and you will see that I have tried to improve the quality of my videos. I have decided to keep the old videos online, though, because some people appreciate a hard to follow video over no video at all. Also, I do think it's interesting to see the evolution my videos went through.

Best wishes,

-- Sara

FINALLY someone is actually being polite about it! Almost everyone else could learn a lot from you.

this was so easy and fun to make thank you so much for making this video

Sara i have a little problem with the diagrams i go on the link you have for the diagrams because i can't understand the video but i don't blame you about that.Of course it is one of the earliest videos of yours , now they're perfect but anyway , back to the diagrams. I go on the link then i press the diagrams and there are some links on how to diagramy i think.What to do?????????

Huh, seems the site doesn't exist anymore. :(
Unfortunately I couldn't find another online resource for the diagrams. I sent Shiri an email just now asking for other sources (or, if none exist, whether I could host them on happyfolding).

-- Sara

Hey Sara what happened with the diagrams did you contact Shiri Daniel for the diagrams?

Perhaps Shiri will allow you to make your own diagrams and show them on this page?

If I fail to get a reply asking for the diagrams, don't you think a query on permission for drawing my own diagrams will have the same fate?

-- Sara

I just noticed that the diagram is downloadable at Gabriel Vong's site:


Go to the diagrams section. The snail is under Level 2.
There are also many other diagrams, and lots of beautiful photos of his foldings.

Do you mind making another video. I really wanted to make this model but I can't understand the video.

really you guys? this is an older video, one of her first, she is not going to be able to make it perfect the first few times. anyway all of the origami videos on youtube that aren't hers are hard to see also. give her a brake and be grateful. usually if you don't understand something you can figure it out within a few minutes. thats what i do.

And also, she could just not do anything. She could just not post anything. Would you really be better off without these wonderful videos? And if you are not satisfied with this, then you can go somewhere else! What a revolutionary new idea! No one is forcing you to watch these, so if you must complain, DO IT POLITELY!

I don't know that I would have enough patience for this type of artwork but I can say that it does look amazing. My dad has a client who is great at origami and she made him a couple of swans. My keeps them out for everyone to see. I love to look at them. Origami is a very detailed form of art, maybe someday I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this subject and for being willing to teach others your talent.

Make a video whit an origami dragon.

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