Snail Shell (Tomoko Fuse)

Fuse, Tomoko
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Sea Life
Paper ratio: 

Paper: 15cm square of mother-of-pearl paper
Model: 6cm long, 3.5cm high, 3.5cm deep


will you be able to make an instructional video on this origami.
I f you havent conttacted the designer yet please do contact and get permissions for this video

I'll have to look into how to best contact Tomoko Fuse. I'd love to present several of her pieces, actually. I fear that she's not the easiest to contact, though.

-- Sara

Did you have any joy contacting Tomoko Fuse? I would like to use just one of her designs to help my friends sell baked goods but I need to ask her permission.
Any help gratefully received

I've had the pleasure of meeting Tomoko Fuse twice so far, both times at conventions. I will be presenting one of her models, but am not sure which one yet. I fear I have no contact details to share, though. :(

-- Sara

Dangit, I just wanted to ask the same question :-( I noticed someone else selling her design on Etsy so I wonder how they contacted her...

If you send me a message to forward to Tomoko Fuse, I can do that - provided the message is written politely, of course. :)

-- Sara

where do you get pearl paper?

Actually, I was at a friend's house and she gave me one of those sheets. I think some websites and origami societies sell it. Look for pearlescent paper.

-- Sara

Where did you learn this model? I want to fold it but you don't have a link for diagrams

I've added a reference now. Diagrams are in the book らせんを折ろう (Let's fold Spirals, ISBN 4-480-87202-7) by Tomoko Fuse, and maybe others. Unfortunately, this book is out of print and hard to find. Some people sell 2nd hand copies on, I think. The book is in Japanese, and I don't think it was translated.

-- Sara

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