Unicorn (John Montroll): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
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Paper ratio: 


Muito bom o site, os origamis aqui trabalhados são espetaculares.
Nota 1000!!!!!!!!!!!

what color is up when starting?
blank or colored?

Start folding with the white side up. So the first diagonal fold will be a valley fold seen from the white side.

thank you thank you very much (yoyotv is a Taiwanese tv show for little kids)

You are going too fast and folders like me will suffer a lot .
If you have time please do make another video which is quite slow and that which could be understood easily

you can pause the video... thats what the button is for...

For us out here that don't have anyone to show us certain folds and the names of the folds, it would be nice if you could keep the model in frame, and also move your fingers out of the way. You need more of a close up angle on the model. Its blurry and very difficult to see sometimes. I got all the way to making the front legs and had to stop. the head wasn't right. I paused and re-paused trying to figure out what you did but it was impossible to see because of your hands. Maybe someone could help you film the folds.

I appreciate the feedback. This video is one of the old kind, and I agree that they are very hard to follow. Check one of my more recent videos (see the instructions section) and you will see that I have tried to improve on these aspects already. I have decided to keep the old videos online, though, because some people appreciate a hard to follow video over no video at all. Also, I do think it's interesting to see the evolution my videos went through.

Best wishes,

-- Sara

Sara, just wanted to say "Forget about the rude comments." Even i got the model from my first try! Its an amazing model! You did a great job also! If people have to complain, i dont see them spending their time to do amazing videos like you! so, just ignore the comments and i just wanted to say "You are awesome!"

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