Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

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30 units

Origami Five Intersecting Tetrahedra by Thomas Hull


i like the model i folded all the peices but then like you said it was so dam hard to put together and i got really fustrated but you know good thing you got help anywayz i ended up wasting like 10 shets of paper which sucks cuz it was nice paper

Hi Sara! I had just discovered the huge amounts of videos you uploaded on youtube and I must say I am blown away by the amount of time and effort you must be putting in to these videos!

About the model you are presenting here, it's a model I've been wanting to do for quite a while. I see that it actually forms a Dodecahedron, so I think assembling it should be doable for me, but I have not found the diagrams to create the individual modules.

Do you think you could link me to a diagram for this?

Thanks, and thanks for all these videos of models I've never made before!


Diagrams are available at http://www.merrimack...
By the way, many of my posts include information on where to find diagrams. Check this page again, just above the video. There's a "related website" listed, and "diagrams". If you have any ideas on how to make this more prominent, do let me know.
[In my instructional videos I usually give at least one source of diagrams in the beginning. That probably helps a bit.]

Oh thanks Sara! Yes I just realized the links were up there under my nose the moment I clicked submit...shoot!

Thanks very much for posting this on your website, I just now finished the model and it's a great addition to my modular origami collection!

The links are prominent enough, I was just being careless and too excited to try this model and asked where the diagrams were before looking more carefully.

Thanks again!

If you like two or more things then usually you try combining them, I like Origami and Math/Geometry so designs like this are a lot more satisfying to make.

hey Sara,

May you make a instructional video for your Five Intersecting Tetrahedra? I am the club president of the origami club in my school and I think the beauty of this origami work will brainwash students to sign up for our club.
I am also wondering where you get all the resources?

you fan

Resources - Ah, I buy lots of books. And some origami designers also publish pdf diagrams online. I usually give references as to where you can find diagrams, and I will have used one of the sources I give there.

Intersecting Tetrahedra: There's a video on YouTube that gives explanations:
It took myself quite some time to figure out how to assemble the model, and I think the video might have helped (had I known of it back then). Do give it a try. I'm not sure whether I'll want to make a video on it, I have to admit. When I completed the model I told myself I should never ever repeat it again. :p

-- Sara

Yesterday I finally finished my model.
it looks so neat!

thank you sara i am 11 nad been folding for 7 months and i tried this model when i have only been folding for about 3 months and failed but i tried it 3 days ago and i made it perfect after a few hours i came across this model because of you so thank you happy folding

Is there a trick to assembling this model? I find it very hard to follow other people assembling it and trying to rotate and twist my model to match theirs so that it all lines up. So I was wondering if there was a trick to the assembly? A way to assemble it by yourself without having to copy someone else.

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