Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): First Fold (Front View)

Kamiya, Satoshi
Adams, Sara
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This is the fourth time I attempted the model, and the first time I completed it. All the other times I faulted the paper (and just possibly a bit my folding ability) for the failure. This time I made some double tissue, which is one of the recommended paper choices for the model. And indeed I succeeded in completing the model. It might not be the tidiest fold, but I am still happy that I managed to complete it this time round. Also see a picture of the back view.

Paper: 48cm square of double tissue
Model: 18cm length, 21cm wingspan


That is amazing!
If I could learn to and perfect folding this model, I would pass out where I sit!

I attempted to fold it several times in last 6 months whithout any good result.
I need time, patience and good paper.
bye Sara
Mario (whitefly)

Pretty impressive... You know... u should start creating your own models becuz You are so experienced with these types of folds. I alredy started to create my own models.


Just asking:

You're not Daniel Kwan, are you?

I have a few designs of my own, too. Some of my favorite are my:
Pegasus, Hercules Beetle 3.0, Samurai Helmet Beetle, and one of the models I designed as part of a challenge by my neighbor to design some of the canine chars from the Balto movies (I used variations on Mark Leonard's Wolf and John Montrll's Husky, and designed two other bases myself. All are difficult to shape, though.)

Congratulations upon completing your first Ancient Dragon! :D I know very well how many headaches this model can give you, especially if you don't use the right paper or the right paper size. Yours looks extremely good for a first try! (and I say extremely good because I see that you used only a 48 cm square, which is a small paper for such a complex model - thus your work result should be even more appreciated ; if I'm not mistaking, the book recommends a 50 cm paper right? ) Good work! I wonder if you stop only at one dragon, 'cause I had to fold some more after I completed my first :D .

My first attempt I failed and faulted the paper (I used gift wrapping paper) and after a couple more attempts I didn't think my folding ability was up to par so I didn't even try for over a year or so. My fourth attempt I used double tissue as I just started doing the whole MC thing and I completed it about july or aug of this year.

try to put the spikes on his head closerto his head and not sticking out at diffrent angles to make it look more like kamiya's

have you kamiya made dragon divine

I haven't attempted the Divine Dragon yet. I've heard it's quite a bit easier to fold than the Ancient Dragon, but I've never really felt that motivated to fold it...

-- Sara

This one is alot more fun than the ancient dragon whitch is really boring i folded 4 times with only one realy satisfactory one out of 40 by 40 cm double tissue paper whitch was really thin and it is a little bit eisier than the ancient dragon seeing there are not so many sinks also im only 12 and folding for 6 months

But I've been folding for about 8 years. But it sounds like your better than me.

wye cann nobudy spel wurdz oar yus punkshoeashun

dude nice u can make bahamut. only prob with me is i dont have rite paper :(

The Bahamut is actually easier to fold than the Ancient Dragon. The Ancient Dragon takes me 3-4 hours on average, but I folded the Bahamut through 235 or so in 1.5 hours/. (Still need to finish it--been too lazy.

made mine with 74.8 cm craft paper and looks amazing will try again with other colores like black and brown (mine is white)

What is craft paper?

The head seems to spring apart. you could put it together with a rubber band. But the body is good! (good job choosing the color)

I actually shaped the head a bit differently after I made the picture. The spikes on the head now point to the back, rather than the front. I think it does look a bit better that way (and definitely more like Satoshi Kamiya's version).

-- Sara

What kind of paper did satoshi kamiya use? and what kind of paper is good for the model? AND where can i buy it? AND, where (if you know) can you buy big/huge metallic sheets? --Thanks!

I think Satoshi Kamiya uses Origamido paper, and probably a special blend. I used double tissue, which works well. I'm not sure where / if you can buy double tissue, I made it myself (2 sheets of tissue paper, plus MC). You can see a video on how to do this at http://www.happyfold...
For metallic sheets - if 50cm width is sufficient - you can try http://www.origami-s...
Rolls of 50cm by 10m are available. I haven't tried the paper myself, but have heard reports that the quality is really good (as to be expected if sold in Terry's shop).

-- Sara

Kamiya probably used handmade 1/2 hemp 1/2 abaca paper.

Well i am just 12 but i got as far as step 170, where my paper tore due to strain. here, not many good papers nor methyl cellulose are sold. so my only choice was to use 51 cm. tracing paper. it normally gets strained at the part where you have to squash the top portion while pleating. i tried about 45 times, to no good results.


Sara could you post a new photo of this with the modified spikes ? I'm saying this because at this photo you can't understand where the face is you see only spikes

would kraft paper work well on this? or any of satoshi's work?
i already know it doesnt work well with alot of lang's work

Actually, I do think quite a few of Robert Lang's models work well with Kraft paper. As to Satoshi Kamiya's models - I have seen e.g. the ancient dragon folded from Kraft paper. However, using double tissue (or indeed: origamido) will be easier and deliver nicer results. By easier I do not mean the model will be easy to fold, of course, it will just be a tiny bit less super-complex. ;)

-- Sara

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