Stegosaurus (John Montroll): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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High intermediate
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Hi sara.
Sorry for my bad english!
Your video are very, very important in order to learn well to make certain models. I would have a question: where I can find the origami's paper larger than 6x6 inch (like that one for stegosaurus).
Best regards

First off, I've folded the stegosaurus from 6x6 inch squares, but it's probably not the right size for your first try. Now to your question on where to get larger paper:

  • Many origami societies sell paper, even if you're not a member. I'm not sure where you live, but chances are there's an origami society in your country, and it might sell paper, too. Societies often have very fair prices. However, if you only buy one item, shipping costs might change that, especially if you're buying from abroad.
  • I stop at many stores that sell paper (almost any department store, also book stores etc) and have a look around what they have. Some wrapping paper is suitable for folding, and (given how much paper you get) just about as cheap as it gets. You have to cut it to the size you need, obviously. If you need very large squares (or long rectangles) it's a good option. The only thing to note here is that you have to "know" what kind of paper you want. For example, you'll want to avoid paper with a plasticy feel to it. Foil (metallic) is ok, as well as "plain" paper (but it shouldn't be too thick - unless you want to wetfold maybe). Before buying paper, you should probably consider checking what it feels like, and possibly fold a small corner to check whether it takes creases nicely and doesn't immediately unfold again.
  • Some art stores have origami paper, but I've found it's usually overpriced and low quality. Maybe I've only been unlucky, though. :)
    Art shops do have nice paper, though, once in a while. Anything that doesn't rip easily and takes creases nicely will do. Also, you'll probably want to go for relatively thin paper (max 80gsm) - unless you're thinking about wet folding perhaps. Hard to get paper that's coloured on one side only, though.
  • Online shops do exist, but I've not really tried them out much. I bought some paper from Amazon. The quality was actually excellent, but it was a bit expensive, and took 6 weeks to deliver. I've checked ebay, which has some good offers, too.

What works best for me: getting rolls of paper, and then cutting sheets of the desired size.

Well it could depend where you live. 6x6 is not that big i use copy paper and it works fine. it just gets stif but, yeah diffrent places sell diffrent paper P.S. i use 3x3 lol keep on folding

where can you buy the three headed dragonbook

where do you buy the bbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggg paper

You can buy relatively big origami paper. For example, sells precut squares up to 35 cm (13.8 in). You can also buy your own paper and cut it to the required size. That's what I usually do. Some wrapping paper is good for origami, packaging paper (the stuff for parcels) also works, and then you can also treat paper to fit your purpose. You can, for example, buy tissue paper or mulberry and treat it with MC (a glue, wallpaper paste is often based on MC). It makes soft paper crisper, and thus much more foldable. You can also glue together tissue and foil (using white glue or spray glue) to get tissue foil. And if you're really ambitious, you can try making your own paper from scratch...

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

Hey Sara
I am an intermediate folder.. Do you think I should take on this challenge? I tried this before and I failed.. :(

Cheryl Lee
P.S I still think I should try one more time still! :D

There is another three headed dragon by Annibal Voyal and i think it looks nicer.. Check for the diagram. It is marked as maybe, high intermediate or sort of maybe intermediate or complex I'm not quite sure.. :D

i don't get what you do at 7:58
please help! urgent

your video is terrible quality and you wont even redo it.

can you make a remake of this? I cant see what you do

Right now I'm really busy, and I have lots of ideas for new videos. This means that remakes will have to wait for quite a bit - if they will happen at all.

Sorry for the bad news,

-- Sara

wwoooowww all i want is to learn the stegosauros. and i watched up until the spikes and thanks to the terrible quality i wasted all my time on your crap.

ya this video really bad quallity i like new ones make new vid plz.

Sorry, I don't have enough time to redo all my old videos. They may be redone some time in the future, but not in the next couple of months. Yes, I do have a full time job, too. ;)

-- Sara

First of all, please understand that I do not have enough time to fold every model someone has troubles with. I fear my time is quite limited. Hence I regularly suggest that people post such questions to an origami forum, e.g. - it even includes some help on step 24 already. :)
Secondly, it's much more helpful to post a link, rather than give a description. This is especially true if you give the incorrect name for the model. ;)

-- Sara

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