Owl (Nguyen Hung Cuong)

Nguyen, Cuong Hung
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

This is probably as evil as you can get this cute owl model to look. The red eyes give it a somewhat demonic touch. I found the folding sequence to be pleasing, and like that it can be folded nicely even from small paper. Watch out, though, the model is completely open-backed - as if you'd cut the owl in half lengthwise. Now if that isn't a scary description... but Halloween's coming up, after all!

Paper: 11.75cm square of tissue foil, black/red
Model: 5.6cm high, 4cm wide, 2.25cm deep


please tell me how to make this!!!
do you have a diagram or anything?

Above the picture there are links to two shops that sell Tanteidan 15. It includes diagrams for this model.

-- Sara

i still cant get a hold on the diagram. can u send me a diagram?

Hm, it's an option. However, I'd first have to get in touch with Hung Cuong Nguyen. I haven't looked into finding his contact details yet, I fear.

-- Sara

can you do a little pictures on the last few steps...starting from the pleat fold on to the end???

With my time being so short I fear I don't have the time to help with specific steps of models. However, I do recommend posting such questions to an origami forum, e.g. http://snkhan.co.uk/... Plenty of members are happy to help you there, and much more quickly than I could ever achieve.
Hope you understand,

-- Sara

I got it sara!i finished the model after months of discovering!

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