Invitation to Creative Playing with Origami

Uninterpreted title: 
Fujimoto, Shuzo
Nishiwaki, Masami
Table of contents: 
December 2007


This book is awesome. It makes me wish I could read Japanese,though.

I don't have this book (it's not sold at Origami Shop anymore, and I can't find it anywhere else), but are there full diagrams for the "star spring"?

I have "El Mundo Nuevo", which has the CP, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to fold it. It's such a beautiful model!

Yes, that's the model. Thank you so much for checking! I'll have to figure out somewhere to purchase the book.

I appreciate the work you've put into this site and your videos. It's great to see someone share their hobby with others!

Danke vielmals!

It was available at for a while. I actually received it via a bulk order from Japan, right after it was published. I fear all printed copies have been sold by now, or I am at least not aware of any sources still selling the book.

-- Sara