Horse (David Brill): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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We're making cards for the high school prom and my teacher knows i like origami so he asked me to make the horse(mascot).i looked on youtube and found this horse and it was the best from the other ones i've seen.

you should explain it a little better cuz its a shitty view and doesnt give enough details. i do alot of origami but i cant do this horse cuz it doesnt tell how to good enough

i've made this horse watching this video without any sound.. so i can't speak to the audio.. but her visual cues are great.. most of understanding comes from experience.. so maybe you're just not ready for this level of origami.. get some more experience.. and come back to it.. good luck

still trying to master the horse (so I can make a better unicorn) thanks for the videos!

Why do you need to shift the size of the paper.
I suddenly got confused

Hello Sara
Where did you get the big foil paper you're using?
Also, is it recommended for beginners to use the big paper like what you're using to do this model?

That was some wrapping paper, but it wasn't the great stuff to fold with. As to size, yes, it's good to start with some larger paper for this model.

-- Sara

on one of your videos, you mentioned that the brill horse was the best origami horse you have seen. well check out this one!

I guess everyone's got their favourite horse. I know lots of other designers have created beautiful horses, but Dave's still is my favourite. :)

-- Sara

I might make a video tutorial for my Pegasus design from the 8 flap base from ODS.

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