Twirl from 10 "Just Twist" Modules (Krystyna Burczyk): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Mother's Day
10 units
Valentine's Day
Flowers & Plants
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Mother's Day Origami Instructions: "Just Twist" Twirl (Krystyna Burczyk)

Recommended paper: card stock with a weight of at least 200gsm
Recommended paper size: 5 squares of size 9cm x 9cm, cut in half (approx. 3.5in x 3.5in)
Resulting model: flower with a depth of 5cm (2in), diameter of 7.5cm to 9cm (3in to 3.5in)


Sara, I find this very hard! My modules keep falling apart.. But in the end I still got the final model (which dosent look like yours :( )
Sara can you tell me why my modules keep falling apart??

My guess is either your twirls aren't tight enough, or the angles of your twirls aren't right. If the twirls are too loose or the angle is too small, the model will fall apart. Also, are you using heavy enough paper? Too thin paper is very hard to twirl tightly enough.

-- Sara

Hi Sara,
Thanks so much for the video. Ever since I visited Krystyna Burczyk's website, I have been on the lookout for any tutorials/books that teach how to make twirls. I will be sure to try it for Mother's Day and put up the results on my blog :)
Thanks again

I did a quick search and found these sources:

Kręciołkowe kusudamy 1 (Twirl Kusudamas 1)

Kręciołkowe kusudamy 2 (Twirl Kusudamas 2)

Kręciołkowe kusudamy 3 (Twirl Kusudamas 3)

Kręciołki kręcone inaczej (Twirls differently twisted)

Kręciołki (Twirls)

The Polish sources ask for 20 zloty (about 6.25 USD). Origami Shop asks for 15 Euro (about 19 USD), and Origami USA asks for 22 USD. Of course, you also have to consider delivery costs.

There may be other sources selling the books, my search was not extensive.

-- Sara

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Practice practice practice. :)
I lived 2 years in the US, and 3 1/2 in England. That gave me lots of opportunity to practice all day long.

-- Sara

You may be Chinese and you may speak better English than Sara does. But one thing you clearly lack is respect.
Also, if you're going to be so critical about the way she speaks, then I can be critical about the way you write. There's something called capital letters, and proper English words. I suggest you study up on these things because you clearly have not grasped that concept yet.

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Does this work with tant paper?

I've tried to do many modular origami and now are trying to do flowers part. It's easy n looks nice. Maybe the output will be much more nicer if the paper used are 80gm paper. I hope to have more video instructions on origami flowers from your site. Thanks.

can u use post-it notes??
or could i use printer paper?
which one is better??

Wouldn´t it be easier to curl/twirl with a bamboo stick? I used those to curl the petals of the lily because it curled the paper more and we don't really have any chopsticks here..

I mean these:

Yes, those look to be just about perfect.

-- Sara

I found that rolling each end of the triangle all the way in to the middle of the triangle better prepares the paper to form the delicious "S" curves in the finished model, and most importantly, provides a consistent method for shaping each piece of the module.

Should you wish to use light weight paper, using a wooden skewer works quite well for a nice tight twirl that "remembers" it's shape. As this design has a very moveable "locking mechanism", to keep together a fragile model constructed of light weight paper the modules will need a touch of the famous "Glue Stick" (apply with a toothpick) just where the two colors meet and begin to bend toward the outer edge of the model.

I was so happy to see the post that demonstrates the making of Twirl from 10. Moreover the entire steps has been described so clearly so that people of any age can easily study it by seeing the video that is been given in the blog. Thank you!

Hi Sara! I think that one could use differrent stuff to twirl. Will quilling twirlers be ok?
And by the way, I'm in a kind of rut trying to find papers suitable for complex origami, due to my home being in Northern India. Can you please help me contact Sivaram (Indian origami prodigy)?
Thanks for the wonderful video Sara!

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