Spinning Top (Manpei Arai): Old Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Action models
Paper ratio: 
New, higher quality instructions are available here.

Recommended paper size: 20cm square (8in square)


Man, that thing is amazing. I found the diagrams online, but it was totally confusing(and I had to do lots of reading). SO i waited for a video and here it is on your website. Keep on posting stuff!

I always wanted to make that model, and now I did. Appreciate it a lot, since I love action models:) Thank you.

That's so nice. I allways loved paper work!

i love this website there are so many great models and this is one of my favorite,
keep posting!

this rocks

sara can you send me a downloaded video of these:
Double star
wedge flexicube
Unimus rectangium
Spinning top
plus tell me what size you reccommend for each origami? thanks! xD

i love this website there are so many great models and this is one of my favorite,
keep posting!

sara i love u. u r sooooooooooo good at origami. i am only a 12 year old boy, and i have made nearly everything that u have made. thanks soooo much.

i love origami as well and yet im only 12 i guess it goes without saying origami is not for the old and weak. thanks Sara!

I'm also a 12 year old boy and I'm an origami addict! A couple of my favourite of my models are my Unicorn(Montroll), my Maple Leaf (Jassu), and my Eastern Dragon (Joseph Wu).

13! WOOOO! man, i never knew there were so many teens that do origami! my parents are like how can a thirteen yerar old stay and fold paper for an hour? HA! im not alone! hahahaha

loooks like ur not the only 13 i turned 13 in september anyway ive been folding origami since i was 10 i love origami i have made som many creations e.g snobie icosaheadro several drags nina osurian santiago flower ball cheeck out my Facebook page fro more or my creation and Sara ur soo gud at origami how much do u pratice??

hey i am ten years old too and i started christmas 2010

I'm 11 and I started when I was 7

Hi Sara! I'm an Indian too and i'm 12! Your site is very neat and has lots if easy models to fold.
I had made origami models from almost all of the diagram and videos from your site when i was 10. Oh, and can you post a diagram/or video for the origami flasher spinner hat tent? Its uite awesome and I bet many people will like it!

Hi, I'm not born yet and I love origami! -_-

hey i'm 10 and i love origami. i fold 20 easy models in a day and 5 difficult in a day (average). (fireworks, by Yami Yamauchi, it's difficult to me. i can do 1 firework in a hour) i started when i'm 8

Hello Sara :)
I'm from Morocco, and I'm a big fan of your creations and models, I'm very pleased to watch you doing those beautiful things.

i love all of your creations.i'm from oltenita and i'm 12 years old.you're the best.another thing.can you post a vid on youtube on how to make kamya satoshi's dragon ??if you are not busy of course.

you are a excelent origami master, congratulations i coming soon upload videos of origami on youtube

im from india and oim 12 years old your site is a boon for origamists who want interimmideate origami all other sites are atleast too difficult or just too easy

Yeah, great comment, but if you want to come on here, please use correct grammar, you're really destroying the web page's look and feel...

shes from india... and origami is a national art maybe in india that is correct grammar. like in latin, the verb usually comes before the subject. eg. jump bob did.

really cool spinner i made a different origami spinner and now i can .... BEYBLADES!

Definitely this site is not about grammar, but origami. Have you, at the age of 12, ever been totally fluent in any language, whether English, origami, Indian, music, math... ? I could go on but I hope you have realized that life is easier for everyone with a bit of give and take.

I bet you could cut these videos down at least two minutes, if you didn't trace each fold with your finger twenty times.

you are absulutley cool , your origami is amazing and you can do loads of designs thanks

have more easy cool unit origami from pieces

I made the box and lid before attempting this. And this spinning top just fits into the box made with the same size paper!. Thanks so much for your videos.

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