Unboxing an origami-shop.com Paper Order

Unboxing: Origamido and other paper from origami-shop.com

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Sara about the gift certificates , you just go there you choose one ,you fill the informations and then what?

You'll need to create an account and fill in your contact and billing information. When you click on "buy now" you should get to a page that asks you to either log in or create an account.

-- Sara

I have already an account and i have ordered too but i asked what do you do with the certificate. You send it to someone and he orders free or you keep it for yourself or what?

I have never bought a gift certificate. I'd guess it's sent to the person you specified. If you received the certificate yourself, I guess you can pass it on. The best person to ask for details is Nicolas (via the contact form on origami-shop.com)

-- Sara

This video makes me so happy... I thought I was alone in being so excited about paper. I took a trip with my mum recently to a specialty paper & bookbinding store- I found myself literally shaking with excitement when I got home and showed what I'd bought to my husband (he thought I'd gone mad, I suspect)...

happy folding indeed- I can't wait to see what you do with the Origamido papers :)

what person films themself opening a box of paper???

Thanks for sharing your exciting first encounter with your purchases. I am amazed that you had the patience to wait several days!
By the way, the first thing I do when I open cellophane packages with beautiful paper or cards inside is to turn the flap down and gently stick the glue strip to my desk so that it cannot attach itself to the contents.

hi sara i was wonderin, the origamido you showed in the beginning, the edges looked a little rough. is that just me? would this effect folding models? ps. what book is the lemur folded in?

Well, it's hand made paper so you'll have deckle edges. Before folding with the paper, you'll want to cut it to the appropriate size in any case, e.g a square.
The ring-tailed lemur is a design by Roman Diaz. Diagrams are in his book Origami Essence.

-- Sara

What did you fold with the natual tissue paper? You said that you would make something really nice with it. What did you make?


Actually, I haven't found the time to fold anything from it yet. Maybe after our honeymoon. :)

-- Sara

do you think u could sometime show how to collapse the base for the lemur? i don't mean immediately but if you could add it on to the ,probably, long list of things for you to do.

You make it sound like there's a CP and there's no instructions on the shaping. However, the book includes full diagrams. I guess your question is whether I'll do a full instructional video (I don't do half-baked things), and my answer will have to be as before:
I don't plan to demonstrate another model from this book while it's still relatively fresh on the market. I want to promote the sale of origami books, not compete with it.

Hope you understand,

-- Sara

There's paper suitable for origami on sale at Amazon, but not these particular kinds of paper.

-- Sara

I haven't had enough time to commit to using that paper. It is nothing I'd work with without first dedicating some time for preparation and having enough spare time to do a really nice fold. Maybe next year...

-- Sara

would you know what paper i have?
i didnt buy it, i got it free at a convention, its thin, one edge looks "torn" or as you said up there "Deckle", up-close it looks kinda "glittery", i think it is homemade, but it looked like the red one @1:46 on this vid. only mine looks more dark orange...

Sorry, but I really cannot say which paper you have. At 1:46 I'm of course showing Origamido, and you may have been lucky to get that.
In general, those ragged edges usually don't come from tearing paper, but because it is hand-made. That itself already hints at it being some good quality stuff, especially if it's thin. :)

-- Sara

How much Origamido paper do you get in a package?
Cause the way I understand it you get 1 for 9.99 € or where I live $12.38.

I've used some of the tissue foil and the tant. I haven't had the time yet to work with the origamido, that'll have to wait until I submitted my PhD dissertation. :)

I always use PayPal, it really depends on your personal preference.

-- Sara

what did you fold from the fur and natural tissue paper that you got as a sample?

Actually, nothing yet. But I did stock up on the natural tissue simply because I really loved the look and feel of it!

-- Sara

do you get free samples with any package you order and i got paper up to 70 euros of tant and tissue foil and others but what would you rate out of the tant and the tissue
foil ( / 10 )

It's so beautiful Sara. Why don't you make a video to teach everyone fold them??????? (from Cambodia[Phnom Penh])

I am a boy that doesent know so much about origami papers and I do complex origamis with printer paper of 30* 30 cm.
What paper should I use to do an really complex origami like the phoenix (Kamiya Satoshi phoenix 3.5)?


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