Jump (Hans-Werner Guth): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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12 units
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Origami Instructions: "Jump" (Hans-Werner Guth)

Paper: 12 sheets of 8.2cm squares , 300gsm
Model: Diameter of 9cm


Could you use more peices of paper to make a larger model? Or would that not work?

It's definitly possible! At the 'Origami Deutschland 2010' convention a folder showed me the jump object as truncated cube object. As far as i remeber he used 24 two piece moduls. He used heavy weight transparent x-ray foil. I was really surprised, so i did not make a photo nor i rember the name of this folder

Sara i folded this with tant paper and it's quite stable so printer paper would probably do but i'm very sure because as you know tant has totally another quality

Hm, tant is very strong paper, I'd be quite reluctant to compare it to printer paper. :) However, you are right, maybe it does work well with printer paper. I don't think it will have the same finish, though.

-- Sara

Hi Sara i folded the jump model with normal, thin white-face origami paper and that worket reallly well. By the way i really like the model i have aldready folded 3 of it! :)

Yes, I'd say anything from 150gsm should be ok. If you check http://www.happyfold... you'll notice I actually folded a model from 80gsm paper in combination with 170gsm paper. I personally prefer the model folded from heavier paper than that, but if you use 160gsm for all modules, that will already be heavier than what I used for that particular rendition. :)

-- Sara

Thanks a lot for the great tutorial and explanation, Sara. I managed to finish this before my father's birthday. :)

Great to hear this. Hope he liked it!

-- Sara

do you think it would be possible to make small ones out of business cards or r business cards 2 thick?

The best answer I can give, and probably my most common answer I give to the questions I get asked is:
Just give it a try. Probably just making one module or unit will be enough to judge whether it's doable, or at least worth making 6 units.

Also, the paper used for business cards can differ by quite a lot, so it'd be a difficult question to answer in any case.

-- Sara

Why can't you design a model and make a video of it

I have designed a model, but haven't made a video on it. Why? Well, one reason is that others have designed much better models than me. :)
However, I do plan to make a video on how to fold my eagle. I'm just not sure when yet.

-- Sara

Hi Sara, and thanks for all your videos.

I folded this model from copy paper only (80gsm), with 5x5cm squares. It is very sturdy so I think there is no need for a thicker paper if you want a small model. However I am not sure whether it will be strong enough it I start with larger squares.

Keep on folding :)


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the smaller the modules you make, the less heavy the paper can be. It's always a balance between weight and size. :)
Also, through this message I got aware of your Flickr page. I'll have to give that a try. Any paper recommendations there?

-- Sara

That's a very good rendition, especially given that you used normal copy paper! Most other attempts I've seen from copy paper didn't have as clean curved folds as you did. :)

-- Sara

12 SHEETS!!!!!!! I don't have that!

That's not a lot. I've folded models with 32.

I made a model with 36 at a young age of 13....

My god! I love what you do. You help the world discover origami! I am a huge fan of yours and absolutely love origami!

Thank you for taking your time and making all these videos.

The video to make Jump was pretty nice to watch. The process seemed a little easy to me but the measurements need to exact to get the correct shape. I would love to try this at home. The creativity deserves appreciation. Thanks.

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