Origami Galerie: St George and the Dragon (Dave Brill)

Brill, David
Brill, David
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This doesn't really have anything to do with this post.
I do not have an answer to your question, either. Maybe you can ask this question on the pages you listed...
Or you could post the question in an origami forum, e.g. http://snkhan.co.uk/...

Also, adding this reference: http://origami.gr.jp... might be a good idea. I'm not sure, but it might say that diagrams are included in a Tanteidan magazine from 2002, although 12th should be 2001. It might also be that only a photo of this design was published there, though.

-- Sara

thanks http://origami.gr.jp... was real helpful! :). the only problem was thekans, youtube , and hemmy, thekans had it twice also their website really hard to understand sometimes...., hemmy put my comment on the bottom, and i dont have a youtube account ( well i do but i cant do anything with it). sorry i no this still is a stupid place to post this comment (ô_ô)

This is one peice of paper, right? If it is, I think that the 4 corners of the paper lie on the sheild, which makes this even more amazing.

I believe it's 5 sheets of paper: one for the dragon, one for the horse, one for St. George, one for his shield, one for the lance.

-- Sara

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