The Last Waltz (Neal Elias): Mel's Wedding Cake

Elias, Neal
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 
1 : 3

Some of you may have seen a photo of the Last Waltz I folded for Mel's wedding. Were you curious what it would look like on the cake?
I feel honored that my folded model was the center point of such a beautifully decorated cake. And it sure looks delicious! The cake, that is, not the fold. :)

Paper: 19.7cm by 56.6cm, tissue foil
Model: 7.5cm by 5cm by 12cm


Hi Sara,

The cake topper looks absolutely great! I love the way the green color matches perfectly and I bet the cake was truly delicious! :) Great work! How was the model placed on the cake? Was it 'pinned' to the icing?

- Ancella

No Ancella, I just rested it on there. The model was not so light that it was in danger of being blown away! And it got a round of applause, Sara, by the way!



Hey sara i had forgotten your wedding date when was it? Im sorry im poor at remembering things. Was this cake for your wedding or for someone else? And one more thing could I please get a close up look at the roses in the left and right bottom corners of the picture i want to see how they look. Are they the Miura ken beauty rose? or something else?

Thanks watitng for your reply :)

As I'm not Mel, no, this wasn't for my wedding. Mel, a friend of mine, got married on the same day, so I couldn't make her wedding. However, I did fold this piece for her wedding cake. :)
My wedding was last Saturday.

-- Sara

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