Tutankhamun mask (Marcela Brina)

Brina, Marcela
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

Paper: 15cm Kraft paper, beige/gold
Model: 10.5cm high, 8cm wide

I like the simplicity, yet expressiveness of this model a lot.

Marcela created this mask for the Ancient Egypt Jousting organized by Eric Madrigal: http://www.youtube.c... or http://www.flickr.co...


Marcela also sent me a pattern for the "striped" version of this model. For that stripes have to be printed on the square you start with. Instead, I just unfolded this model and added the stripes only where necessary. I also decided to make the "beard" blue throughout. This is the result: Striped Tutankhamun Mask

hi. i love your tutorials and have made many of the origamis you show to us. i was wondering where you got the diagrams for the tutankhamun mask. if its online please post up the link.

I don't think there are public diagrams for this yet. However, I think I'll make a video on this. And if diagrams will be published publicly, I'll update this page and add a reference.

-- Sara

hey was your site a "success" when you started (first year) it?
how did you get so many views?
how did you get that favicon? (the icon next to the "site bar")
how did you make your site your email? (i.e. your name@your site.com)
sorry if you think these were stupid questions

My site was astonishingly "successful" from the start. But that's probably because I'd already made a lot of origami videos and uploaded them to YouTube before I launched the site.
As to how I got many views - I guess I produce content that others find interesting, and they recommend it to others. I promote my videos and website on an origami forum and three origami mailing lists, and I've got a twitter account. To be honest with you, though, I did none of that in the beginning. And now more to keep people informed, rather than get more visitors.

Favicon: You can create them and state in your html code to use that favicon.
Site email: I bought the happyfolding.com domain (or rather: rent it). Then you can set up an email address like that. I believe many hosts offer this in a package, although I have to admit we set this up all by ourselves. But then again, my husband and me are computer scientists. ;)

-- Sara

i know a lot about computers and you lost me with the html thing
and the domain thing
my site has a domain too but i didnt use "Drupal" i used webs (i dont prefer it!)
but ive noticed Lang, brill, and gilad also did that
the favicon i already have made just need to get it on my site!
(that html thing is not as easy as its said to be!)

A quick web search does give details. ;)
For example, check http://en.wikipedia....
It even lists the html you may want to include - or, if that's too complicated: try saving the favicon with the name "favicon.ico" and place it in the same directory your website files are. It may well be that the icon will be picked up automatically like this.

Sorry, this is not a page about how to write websites, so I don't really want to go into the details. Hope you understand,

-- Sara

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