Waves: Icosahedron (Meenakshi Mukerji): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
30 units
Paper ratio: 
1 : 3

Origami Instructions: Waves (Meenakshi Mukerji)

Paper: 30 sheets of 5cm by 15cm kami
Model: sphere with a diameter of 10cm

Amazon offer for binder clips
Sources of Tant


when are you going to make a tut on that "Llopio's Moment of truth"?
cause when you get an origami you make tut on it quick, but why dont you make it to get it over with
i dont mean the next couple days
i mean in a couple of months
im not saying i wasnt wondering how to make this, cause i was.
now i 50/50 on wanting to know how to make Llopio.

Right now I don't have enough time to make a video on "Llopio's Moment of Truth". Actually, I've already done quite some preparation work for the video, but making it will still need considerable effort. With lots of things going on in both my personal and work life it's simply not fit in recently. If it happens this year, it'll have to be November, as I want to do a Halloween model next month, and a Christmas model in December. Actually, if time stays short, I'll probably go for another winter/Christmas model in November - we'll have to see how it works out.

-- Sara

does the fine arts store listed in your link have a store location? one that you could drive too? ive searched website and couldn't find an answer. also, would it sell all the origami paper you could order. like could you buy their paper that is available to order at there store location?

Sorry, all the information I could gather about the fine arts store is online. So if you can't find anything on the web that answers your questions, I fear I also won't be able to help.

-- Sara

Thank you for all your efforts to give us such wonderful tutorials during such a busy time in your life. I really appreciate you explaining the color rotations, it helped alot.

Your waltz was beautifully done, congratulaions!

Might I put in a request for a more 3d model of a black cat? I find them harder to locate on line, or maybe I shoud say the diagrams aren't always clear for me. Book stores here don't seem to carry really more advanced origami books. Lastly, again, thank you for your time and sharing!

That depends on how instable the model is for you. It should not come apart just like that.
However, I gave someone a fold as a present, and he accidentally dropped it on the floor. I did have to put some of the model together after that. I guess gluing models before you give them away to non-folders is a good idea. ;)

-- Sara

Dear Sara --

Thanks as always for your patient and clear instructions on Meenakshi Mukerji's Wave model. However, I have been finding the assembly a real problem. Once I get past the first 15 or so modules, almost invariably putting the next one in causes others to pull out -- even with strong clips everywhere. I finally got 29 out of 30 together, but the model is not very clean, and I had to compress some modules (ruining their wavelike curve) to get past the disconnect problem. You make it look so easy. I've watched the video several times. Any suggestions? I'm using colored copy paper, 2.5 X 7.5.


Did you make sure that the clips were attached, so that both the flap and the pocket are connected? I have assembled this model without clips, too, and it worked well enough.
Also, before adding a new module, always check first whether any of the existing points have become unstable (modules have partly slipped out). If so, first push them all the way in again, and only after that add the next module.

Hope this helps a bit,

-- Sara

Sara --

Thanks for your suggestions.

Yes, I checked each time to be sure each clip was holding the flap in the pocket. Originally, I used the small clothespins; then I switched to small binder clips, which have a tighter hold. It still wasn't entirely successful and took forever. I must have used 60 clips and still ended up with 2 flaps that I couldn't insert without pulling out other connections.

Too bad; it is a charming model. Conceptually, it's simple. However....

Maybe I'll come back to it someday.

Thanks again


That's strange.
I assembled this model without using any pins, too - more out of need. I'd given one away as a present, and it fell on the floor, falling apart.
I learned two lessons: first, I managed to assemble the model rather quickly without use of clips. Second, always glue a modular if you plan on giving it away and if the locking mechanism isn't very robust. ;)

But to help you out: have you tried using a different kind of paper, or folding it from a different size? I folded this model three times, once from foil, once from tant, and once from kami. The foil one I gave away (and thus also assembled a second time without clips). If I remember correctly using slightly heavier, stiffer paper works well for this model (i.e. makes assembly easier).

Just a thought,

-- Sara

Sara -- Thanks for your patience.

I've tried kami and heavier paper (tant, copier 24 lb); 2X6 amd 2.5 X7.5. I will try foil. It's interesting that foil worked on another lovely model by Meenakshi (Poinsettia Ball) that also had a rather weak locking mechanism.

I'll let you know. Thanks again.


Dear Sara, I've noticed that you mainly focus on models that require only one sheet of paper. I also saw that you posted a video recomending different channels on youtube. I was wondering if you could suggest a couple of channels for modular origami.
There's no rush, but it would really help me improve my skills.
Thank you so much for being involved in the origami community,
---Paper girl in search for more :)

I fear I don't know many origami channels myself, be it for modular origami or other origami. You can check the list of friends I have for some other channels: http://www.youtube.c...
In particular, you may enjoy some of Tom Hull's videos: http://www.youtube.c... - he may not have a huge number of videos, but explains nicely how you can use the modules he present to form different constructs.
Also try searching for "modular origami" on YouTube and simply watch the videos where you like the thumbnail. If you like that video, you can then check which other models that person has uploaded.

-- Sara

Umm may i ask you I'm planning to do this model but is the polyhedra coloring close to the one with 5 coloring i'mplanning to use 3 colours Thank you. O.o

Hi, do you have any diagrams rather than an instructional video? If you do then can you please send it to me, thanks.

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