Scorpion (Robert Lang)

Lang, Robert
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 


what size did you use for thse scopion?

I have foldet the scorpion today with your video on youtube and the book next to me.
This scorpion is so cool :)
-good video^^

If I remember correctly, I folded the model from a 20cm square of kami.

You did an awesome job folding that scorpion! I've folded most off the models in OIaTK, but the scorpion, and a few others, still elude me. Step 31 & 82(I imagine, I've never gotten through 31) are killer. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

In step 31 you basically have to incorporate as small waterbomb base in the center of something similar to a preliminary fold. In step 82 you again have to incorporate such a small waterbob base. In some ways it's a very similar move.
I made a video on this model a couple of years back, and it's not great. However it may still help in some parts, especially if you also have the diagrams at hand. Check http://www.happyfold...

-- Sara

Thank you for helping me, but I would like some tips on getting the Waterbomb in just one ply like Lang says; the layers seem to be locked too much to do it from the inside.
Also, I just did his Cicada yesterday from copy paper; which one is more difficult (locked layers-wise)? By this I mean: which model's folds/maneuvers are affected by arrangement of the interior layers the most?

Sorry for the double post, but there's no edit button. Anyway, I managed to get through 31 and now I'm stuck on 82. Actually, I understand that you're supposed to redo the crimp from 76 while incorporating the waterbomb, but when I do that, the tip of the waterbomb faces horizontally instead of diagonally downward like in 84. As a result, I can't fold it flat without incorporating a pleat in the ply beneath the crimp. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Sorry; disregard my last post. I was crimping incorrectly.

I love this model, and it is one of my all-time favorites! I just folded it from a 5 in square of copy paper yesterday! The tail tore a bit, but it's very minor. (my faves: Motroll husky, Lang scorpion, Kirschenbaum biplane, etc.)

By the way, any suggestions for the Butterfly and Ladybug? Copy paper always tears and I don't want to risk my 35cm kami.
Also, any suggestions on designing color change into a model (edge vs. corner vs. middle)? A model I'm trying to design requires a very complex color change.

I fear I haven't folded the butterfly or the ladybug yet. I do remember having started the butterfly (that's years ago now), and that the paper ripped somewhere half way through the model. For large squares, I've worked with wrapping paper, so you can give that a try. Or use baking paper, that can also work really well. (And both should be cheaper than origami paper, but can be better quality than copy paper. For wrapping paper there's a huge range of quality, of course.)
As to designing, I fear I don't have experience with that myself. You can explore how other designers do color changes, and maybe that will give you a good idea for your model.

-- Sara

For the model I'm trying to design (Rain from Spirit SotC), I've figured out the structure (I think), so I just need to mess with the proportions. The tree was a pain in the butt!

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