Lily (traditional): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Flowers & Plants
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Traditional Origami Lily

This model is sometimes also called iris.


waw waw waw
I like this ..

hey im new at this and i wanted to say you are an awsome instructer.

thank u for putting up a lily origami!
the reason i am saying that is bc that my name is lily!

gorgeous in reg and gold...will use for xmas table decoration. Again well done Sara

vvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy gggggggoooooooooooooooooooo00000000ddddd!

... you lost me halfway through. Normally I can do the simplest of origami. I can do a pelican, simple star, and a few other ones. But for some reason, I cannot do these "simple" ones. I can't even see what you're doing half the time. D: I feel incredibly stupid. I just can't seem to do any of these "simple" flowers. I've tried two of the videos, and I was lost halfway in both of them. I had to click back so many times to try and see what you were doing the video because I just couldn't see or hear it. :S I'm giving up.

My old videos are much harder to follow than my more recent ones. Sorry for that, I was still learning (still am!) how to best teach on video. I'd suggest you go to http://www.happyfold... and check one of the videos on the first, or first couple of pages. Those videos should be much clearer.

-- Sara

I don't understand what can be dificult in this video. It is very simple, thanks Sara for the videos

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