Llopio's Moment of Truth (Neal Elias): Second Attempt

Elias, Neal
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Paper ratio: 
1 : 3

I have to confess: it bothers me when others don't recognize my folds. And when the first comment on my previous attempt asked what the model was supposed to represent... well, I had to give it another go. Here's my second attempt, same paper, slightly smaller size. Hope this one's more up to the match.

Paper: 13.5cm x 38.25cm sheet of tissue foil
Model: 8cm long, 7cm high, 4cm deep


I didn't mean to say that you need to make it again, I just couldn't get my eyes around where one object started and another ended!!!!..............I should just shut up now, shouldn't I?
Good job!

Ah, no, it's absolutely ok to ask what something represent when you don't see it in that moment. And I did want to fold it again in any case. Maybe I wouldn't have done so this soon after the first one, but it's not like it's a model that takes very long to fold.

-- Sara

I can see quite a lot of difference from the second attempt to the first
Can you please make a video by trying to contact the designers

how do u have permission to make "the last walts" (by neal elias) but this is open?

Some designers give me permission to do videos on any of their models. Others ask me to send them a query for each model separately. Dave Venables gave me permission to the Last Waltz, but I'll have to ask him again for permission for this model.

-- Sara

What happened with the permission did David gave it to you or not yet?????It's such a beautiful model and it would be nice to make a video on it

That's so exciting i'll definetly make the day you 'll upload the video!

What size paper do you recomend??? I want my paper to be ready.. Thanks!

I recommend you use at least the size I used for this fold. Probably it'd be better to use slightly bigger paper. I'll have to fold this again to check my recommendation, but using something like a sheet that's 15cm by 42.5cm sounds reasonable (6in by 17in).

-- Sara

GREAT! thats perfect! i have the perfect size.. and for my first fold, i think im probably be using a 7 in by 21in... i think that would be a fun and exciting fold... neal elias is one of my favorite designer... he creates model that are simply eye popping and amazing! i cant wait for this to be out... Thanks, alot, also for asking permission and taking your time to make a video for this model in the future... =D

How many months do you think this model is going be posted???

Hopefully within the next 3 months. No promises, though. This will be a video that needs more preparation that most others.

-- Sara

Okay. . . thats actually really good.. i can do some practive with other models to prepare for this one... anyways, 3 to 4 months is great!

Hi Sara..
Can you please make an instuction??
You don`t show complex models anymore..
The models you show are mostly low intermediate.
And this one is in your plans... :)

12 year

you should get this vid done soon,if not people will pester you

__jason(how i wish i was jason ku.haha)

You mean you'll start pestering me? ;)
I'll have to see when I'll make a video. I thought it'd be the next one, but I think I've changed my mind and will first make some other videos. I feel more excited about some other stuff right now.

-- Sara

is this folded from just 1 sheet of paper?

Yes, it's folded from one rectangular sheet, red on one side, black on the other. No cutting or gluing was involved.

-- Sara

im not being mean but its been about 3 months and did u ever got 2 finish it? if so can u teach us?

Not yet. I've been insanely busy (work and planning my wedding), and I'm not sure I'll have enough time to make a video this month. But I hope to make a video on this model next, even if it's a slightly bigger project that probably fits into my schedule right now.

-- Sara

so has been 1.5 years now wondering if this one will be soon or is just skipped al together (so I know if I should get my hopes up)

It's still on my schedule, but it's also still a hard video to make. :(
I've been meaning to make a video for a long time now, but time restrictions have kept me from it thus far. I do these videos in my free time, and it's been extremely short for a while now. I fear I do have to ensure that my full-time work and my not quite completed PhD get enough attention - and that unfortunately sometimes means that I need to push some videos back time and again. I hope you understand.

-- Sara

There's a link above the image, "Diagrams included in the book", which will give you info on where diagrams are - not just for this image, but generally for the pictures I put in my gallery.

Hope it helps,

-- Sara

Ok, it has been 3 years... Are you still going to make a vid, or have you abandoned it?

Actually, I looked into it in the last month, started folding it again and trying to figure out a way to nicely teach this. I'm not sure yet it will happen, but it's not off the plate yet, either.

-- Sara

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