Spiky Star (David Brill): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
24 units
Paper ratio: 
1 : sqrt(2) (A-sized)

In the video, the modules used were folded from 52.5mm by 74.5mm sheets of paper. The resulting model has a diameter of approximately 13cm.


Indeed it is. It is the ratio that is used in A-sized paper.

Dear Sara:

There is just one thing I have to comment on your video tutorial.
Instead of making another part of a video about the assembly, why couldn't you just show how to make a three module assembly and a four module assembly and fast forward the video, since you already showed that every three module point is surrounded by three four-module points and every four module point is surrounded by four three-module points.

I've found when I fast-forward my folding I get quite a few responses from people that say I shouldn't do so. Th have trouble with following along. Anyone who's somewhat more advanced can simply skip the part of the video, because it is just repetitive. It's help for others, so I guess there's not much hurt in keeping normal speed for those sequences.

how hard is this module compared to fireworks or double star flexicube?

I haven't folded these in a while, but I think it should be easier than the star flexicube and a bit harder than the fireworks.

-- Sara

Hi Sara!
I was just wondering what the material of the paper used in this video is?
In case you want to know, I am wondering because I had to abandon all attempts to fold this model soon after starting, as the paper was too thin, or weak, of soft or whatever: soon after beginning assembly of the modules, the model would start collapsing in on itself, or sag on what ever surface I had it on. I wold rather not share the results of trying to hang this model from a string in the ceiling.

In this video I used coloured office paper. Ofiice paper usually has 80gsm and is indeed slightly heavier than most origami paper.

-- Sara

Sara do you know if the book is out of print????????

Yes, "Brilliant Origami" went out of print some time ago. I saw that the book is still available from some sellers on amazon, but I am guessing with the years it will get harder and harder to get your hands on a copy. So if you want the book, better get it soon!

-- Sara

I know the paper is A-sized but what is the specified A-sized paper?

Not sure what the question is, really. Below the video it says: "In the video, the modules used were folded from 52.5mm by 74.5mm sheets of paper. The resulting model has a diameter of approximately 13cm." which gives you the exact size of the paper used. These are the dimensions of A8 paper.

-- Sara

I am using wrapping paper for this star. When I start folding, should the right side side or back side be facing up?

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