Scorpion (Robert Lang): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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What is the most complicated step for this model?

That really depends, e.g. on who's folding it, and what kind of paper you're using. Also: if you fold inprecisely in the beginning, steps later on can get impossible to perform.

Did you buy the book Origami Insects Vol. 2 to get the diagrams?If not,where did you get the diagrams?

your skipping steps because you made creases that weren't shown

wow u r pretty hot

I don't understand the precreasing. Can you explain it more or make a diagram for it.

lol, as soon as i looked at the video i noticed you were speeding through the bits you precreased, slow down

this is so easy guys

in part 4 out of 7, 6:32 / 9:46, tere is a part were your folding, then part of the model bounces up and we dont see what your doing for a few seconds. then when the model goes back down again, you've suddenly done somthing that i cant follow. could you please tell me what went on there?

I hope I figured out where you're confused. At 5:58 I show a precreasing you have to use. The precreasing is prepared at 4:44 to 5:20. Valley-fold along the precreasing, and extend it further down. To fully flatten, a small squash fold is needed in the bottom. The result of the squash-fold is shown at 6:30. Hope this helps.

are you ever going to make another complex peice of work if you do can you make one on the dragon with 3 heads by anibal voyer or could you just make a video soon.

can you make an easyer video on the double star flexicube and the wedge flexicube.

when you start the model ther's some lines already done. how to do them?

can you please tell me what size you used because i want to make the same sized one

I really don't know what size paper I used back then. Looking at the paper at the beginning of the paper I'd guess it was about 50cm x 50cm.

-- Sara

in part seven you show a very small scorpion so i was just wondering what size you used

i don't understand part 1, it is not clear enough to understand, it is so confusing

it is so confusing because folded already the paper

I recently tried to make the scorpion and was unsuccessful. i was just wondering if you have ever considered remaking the scorpion video from a differant angle. it can be a little difficult to see what you are doing in the video because it was shot looking at you. it would be much easier to see what you are doing from a first person view. Could you please remake the scorpion video for us so we can see what you are doing? just make a scorpion and have somebody hold the camera above your head. i would really appreciate it and i am sure your other viewers will appreciate it to. thanks, disturbed in denver

I'd like to do many of my older videos, because many of them are hard, if not impossible to follow. Unfortunately I only have that much time for this project, and that restricts what i can do. I try to make one video a month, but much more is not really feasible. Yes, I've in particular thought about this video, but it's also a more complex model, so it takes extra time. I already have plans for this and next month's video, and vague plans for the month after that. Maybe after that I can redo the scorpion - but that means waiting at least 3 to 4 months...

I got really confused on how to perform the step at about 6:48 in part 2. I had trouble seeing what you did and applying it to the main model.

The bird base you folded has two layers everywhere. Now you want to unwrap one of those layers. In the back you should be able to grasp some raw edges, and pull that extra layer out. Try doing this on a small sheet of paper first (like in the video), and then work on the real thing. I think like this it's easier to understand what to do if you are having problems with the step.

I figured it out. Thanks!

Hey Sara, I'm brazilian, I speak a little English and I love your videos, it takes a lot of patience and time. My bedroom is full of Great Origami, thanks!

i know that you like to pre crease because I used your video to help with the eastern dragon
i did not find the pre creasing necessary at all for the dragon once you had started the head
is it necessary for the scorpion

Hello Sara..

Thank u for ur videos & instructions..

But i failed in that scorpion :( :'(

i dont get how to do part 6:57 on part 2 of 7....
can u take it from a different angle or something....
just make it easier to see wat u r doing please...

Thanks for making me aware of it. I've corrected this now.

-- Sara

It seems like the part I need help with is a very easy part. I though, cannot get it. At 1:12 or so I can't really understand where the point you fold the corner is to. I just have no clue where you get the mark that it folds up to. Oh yeah, its in part 1

Fold so that the corner lies on one diagonal, and the crease you just made lies on the other diagonal.

-- Sara

you have got to be kidding me i am 14 and i made the scorpion look just as good as sara and you people say you need help what ever and dont ask for pictures be caue we do not have a computer at home i am doing this at school and it is blocked to go to your email

Sara? Do you ever think you will be doing "Complex" models anymore??? I really want to challenge myself, since i have alrady folded this... Thanks!!!

I've actually been demonstrating relatively complex models in some of my more recent videos. However, they are much easier to follow than the video on the scorpion, mostly because of the quality of the videos. I did learn a bit since then. ;)

-- Sara

Hi, Sara. Well, i only have folded this scorpion once with a 8 in a half inch paper and was just wondering if i should go to a 15 inch paper since i folded this scorpion with a 20 inch paper??? But only folded it once.. Should i attepmt it???

I'm confused. You folded one with a 20 inch paper, which turned out to be 8.5 inches long? In any case, if you have folded a model once and feel fairly comfortable with the folding sequence, then you can move on to a smaller sheet for your next try. The smallest paper I've folded this scorpion from was a 6 inch square, so 15 inch paper does sound doable for your second try.

-- Sara

around the end of the part 1 vidio it says 2 pull on the traingle but when i do it rips :S any sugestion? ty

Other than pull more carefully, and check where the stress is the biggest? Maybe you're using the wrong paper, or maybe you fiddled around with it too much in the previous steps. It's really hard to tell what the reason is, but those might be some pointers.
You can also try and only fold that section and practice the unsink step to get a feeling for how and where to pull to make that paper pop up.

-- Sara

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