Stellated Octahedron (John Montroll): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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Origami Instructions: Stellated Octahedron (John Montroll)

Paper used in this video: 24cm square (10in)
Finished model: diameter of 9.5cm (4in)


Hey Sara you surprised me with this video. I didn't know you are going to make a video on that model now ....You didn't even post on the plans section that model.

Hehe, sometimes you have to surprise the viewers. ;)
I at least like getting surprised. I also hope this video is a bit a (pleasant) surprise, because my next video wasn't due for another 2 weeks.

-- Sara

well it was a pleasant surprise and i fold it but it doesn't close so i'll try again

Hi Sara! I was wondering if you could (please) make instructional videos for some other models in the book. They look so cool!


I'm not sure this will happen in the near future. I first want to present some other models. So if you're keen (which I totally understand), I suggest you buy the book. It's excellent and has many many diagrams in it - I counted 64. Also see: http://www.happyfold...

-- Sara

Greetings from California... It took me a couple of attempts before I got a model I was somewhat happy with, but your instructions are really good and relatively easy to follow. Thank you for posting an instructional video for this model I look forward to the next one.

~ Tom

Hey Sara,
Your tutorial is great! I managed to follow until the last part, but i got lost at the tucking the apple (the bottom part) and i just anyhow squeezed it :P

Could you please describe how this is an octahedron? I've tried to find the right count, but it seems I have not been looking in the right places.

A stellated octahedron is basically an octahedron, where you put a pyramid on each of the faces. So if you count the number of such pyramids, you'll see there are exactly eight.

-- Sara

Beautiful and easy!!!! I can not ask more. Thank you very much Sara!
Greetings from Canada.

I'm a thirteen year old who loves origami and your videos make it easy for me to make really cool things.THANKS!!!!!

Thanks for the Video, I really enjoyed folding a few of these :-)
Closing the model at the end is a little fiddly but fun !

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