Begonia Leaf (Peter Engel): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Flowers & Plants
Paper ratio: 

Origami Instructions: Begonia Leaf (Peter Engel)

Paper used in this video: 15cm square of kami (6in)
Finished model: length of 14.5cm (5.75in), width of 9cm (3.5in)


Wow, this one is really nice! What paper do you recommend to use? Is Tant good, or Kami maybe? I really look forward to your future videos!

Actually, I believe this model works with most papers. I got nice results with kami, and also some quite soft hand-made paper. Tant will surely also work really well.

-- Sara

Really nice one! I really look forward to your upcoming videos!What paper is best for this model: Kami, Tant, Canson 120gsm?

I've had nice results with kami, and haven't folded it from Tant yet. as to Canson 120gsm - that might be a bit too heavy - perhaps with wet-folding it would work, too.

-- Sara

Hi Sara I was wondering where you get your kami from do you get it from
or do you get it from an other place please tell me

Actually, I bought a 500 sheet pack (15cm) 2 years ago or so, and that often feels like it's still pretty much untouched. I bought that pack at a convention, I believe, but it's als available at origami-shop: http://www.origami-s...
The 24cm sheets of kami I often use in my videos I bought at an origami convention. Finally, the largest sheets of kami I have I indeed bought from origami-shop: http://www.origami-s... (35cm squares)

-- Sara

Sorry, I've got many other things going on in my life right now, and simply don't have the time and patience to make a video on Llopio's Moment of Truth. The time will come, but I fear you'll have to wait some more.

-- Sara

Where did you find the sneak peak?

hi sara i love your videos and i was just wondering if you could make a video
on fumiaki kawahata's jedi master yoda because i know alot of people are failing to make it i made it and it is really cool diagrams are here

I've added it to the list of models to consider. We shall see!

-- Sara

i just go this book yesterday i cant fold any of the things how many tries did it take bu to fold the sun i cant get past step 32

Actually, I did manage to fold the model on my first try. This picture is my second fold, the nose turned out better the second time round.
As to step 32 - it's just a turn over, right? I don't have the actual book yet, only the final draft in pdf. Perhaps the numbering still changed after that?

-- Sara

i am in the airport and it is great to be able to do origami while i wait. i love this leaf. thx

Hello, Sara(p.s You are awesome are origami) But please make a "revealed flower" video. All the other videos I tried on, I failed dramatically. It looked a lot like a nose for some reason. Anyway, please make one because I know you can teach me,

That was a pretty impressive post on making various models out of papers by folding them. It needs a lot of creativity and patience for such talents. I appreciate the effort behind all the models that you have created. It was very nice watching the video. Thanks for sharing.

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