Yamp (Hans-Werner Guth)

Guth, Hans-Werner
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
12 units
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

What do you do when you can't sleep early in the morning?
Exactly, discover that Hans-Werner Guth is working on a variation of his Jump model, and give it a try. Oh, and while we're at it, also test-fold with that elephant hide card stock I recently bought (old colors, found on ebay).

Paper: 12 sheets of 9.15cm squares (6 sheets of green 230gsm elephant hide, 6 sheets of black 110gsm elephant hide)
Model: Diameter of approx. 11cm


Jetzt, nachdem ich selbst einen Yamp komplett zusammengesetzt habe, weiß ich, wie schwierig der Zusammenbau ist. Beim nächsten Mal werde ich Papier mit einer Grammatur um 300g/qm nehmen und hoffen, daß es dann einfacher geht. Dieses Mal habe ich mir noch mit vielen Klammern geholfen.


Dein 'altes' grün macht schon was her!


Hi both of you -

I tried to post a comment to Hans-Werner's photos, but it requires Google+ which I have not mastered yet! so I'll put it here:

"Hurt" paper or not (Photo 6) - it's beautiful.
When I have to use glue, I use glue stick, or sometimes a product called Mod Podge - that sticks amazingly well, AND fast - and you can coat the whole piece with it when you're done, to protect it and keep it stuck together. I use it for the earrings I sometimes make. It comes in both "shiny" and "matte" finish.

Best, Martha

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