Triangular Box (Hans-Werner Guth): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Non-square Rectangle

Origami Instructions: Triangular Box (Hans-Werner Guth)

Paper used in this video: 15cm square of kami (6in)
Finished model: side length of 7.5cm (3in), depth of 2.75cm (1in), height of 3.75cm (1.5in)


oh and one more thing
Youve writen that the paper ratio for the box is a rectangle
but it is a square right?

Actually, you can fold the box from a rectangle, too. If you start with the long side lying horizontally when doing the first step (cupboard fold), then you can achieve a triangular box that's deeper than you can with a square. For example, you may want to fold an equilateral triangle box. :)
Do give it a try!

-- Sara

Ah thanks! first i made a deep one then i made a very long one with a huge paper and now i am keeping my waves modules in it.That also i learntt from your videos
youre awesome

This made me smile and isn't really a big deal, but whenever you say "pivot" in the video you mispronounce it as "pee-voo." The "t" is not silent, so it's pronounced "piv-it." I just thought I would let you know; it's still a great video and thank you!

Too true! Unlike me, you know more than one language, so I really can't judge. And thanks to you I learned some new origami today. :D

Thanks for the video. I've been making tons of them in different sizes and designs ever since. :)

Dear Sara;
What a wonderful video. It has given me the courage to try a tessellation fold. The discussion of geometric crease orientation and mirror imaging gave me a much better understanding of the whole process.

Are you going to do a animal model soon in your videos?And im just curious, why haven't you updated your plans.

Hey sara, great model but i still await the video on Llopio's moment of truth model...:/ any idea when youre gonna make the video?

The truth is, right now I'm struggling to even make simple videos, because I am extremely busy. Llopio's Moment of Truth will be a video that will take considerably more time, so I fear it won't happen until things have calmed down a bit and I have more time to concentrate on videos again.

Sorry, but I fear making these videos remains a hobby, not a job.

-- Sara

I know it's bad that I've wanted to make a video on this model for so long, but haven't managed to find the time to do so. Sometimes it's not so easy to do what you want if there are other things you need to do, and with a higher priority. I also understand it's hard for some to forget that this is something I do alongside a full time job and further projects. I didn't mean my response to sound harsh, but more clarifying.

Hope it didn't come across the wrong way,

-- Sara

Dont worry about it..:)...i didn't take it the wrong way..:)..anyways thanks for the info..:) good to know..:D

thanks a lot! i am off to make 25 of these for the my little girl's advent calendar this year. you're videos are really good and very easy to follow.

I'm very impressed with your video instructions.
I'm a primary school teacher with 45 years of origami behind me but when I recently taught my class the traditional paper crane and asked them to write a procedure[instructions] for how to do it I discovered how difficult it is to be clear about what you're doing in words.
Your instructions are the clearest I've ever seen.
Thankyou !

Good directions. I like that you avoid unnecessary creases.
Regarding the word "pivot": It's not wrong. It's merely a French pronunciation.
Like "depot", or "Waiting for Godot", or "bon mot".
C'est tres jolie.

Hi Sara,
This is actually the second video that I watched of yours but the first one that I completed. The first one doesn't seem to be on your happy folding site. It was a moving model made with a long rectangle. Lots of pleats and when it was finished it was a circle that folded in on itself. I'm pretty sure it was you as I watched it several times.

Yes that's the one. It was before I found you web site I just found it on YouTube. I still haven't made this. Thanks.

Muy bonito tu trabajo. Te felicito.
Quisiera saber las medidas del papel que utilizaste ya que dice que no es un cuadrado.
Espero pronta respuesta.

Paper used in this video: 15cm square of kami (6in)
Finished model: side length of 7.5cm (3in), depth of 2.75cm (1in), height of 3.75cm (1.5in)

This is so totally awesome! I couldn't follow the Facebook fold diagram... Thank you so much for this!!!

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