Donkey (Román Díaz): Tissue Foil

Diaz, Roman
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

Paper: 30cm square of tissue foil (available at
Model: 13cm length, 10.5cm height, 3.5cm depth


if you have time could you make a video for this model?

I fear I have no intention of making an instructional video on another model from the book "Origami Essence", at least not any time soon. The reason is that this book is still relatively new, and I want to promote the sales of this book, not endager them. I believe it to be an excellent book (the best I know), and encourage you to get it. This is not because I get money if Roman Diaz sells more of these books, but because I think he deserves to earn a bit of money off all the work he put into this beautiful piece of art.

Hope you understand

-- Sara

Nice fold of the donkey!
Concerning your question: As the unicorn is also diagrammed in "Origami Essence", the same comment as above applies.

-- Sara

Do you know how to make the unicorn? I am stuck on step 39 :( My front leg won't swing out that far. Could you try to explain it a little bit? I have a feeling i might be trying to swing it out at the wrong place, but most likely not... :(

I have trouble folding the donkey's head what do i do? I about to rip the paper.

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