Carambola (Carmen Sprung): Instructions in German

Adams, Sara
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Flowers & Plants
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Origami Tutorial: Carambola (Carmen Sprung)


Instead of doing the step starting at 5:36, immediately jump to the step starting at 7:54. Now, you don't have the crease from 5:36 to pinch on both sides. Instead you bring the edge to the first crease you do see, which will form an angle bisector in an inner pentagon.
Then do a similar step to 5:36. You will see that part of that crease that connects two points of the inner pentagon is already there. Now only connect the two ends. You will notice that this does not form a straight crease, but rather something like (exaggerated) \__/. Then proceed with collapsing the model like in the video.

Hope this makes it clearer,

-- Sara

well, this question doesn't have anything to do with your video(SORRY!) but i didn't know where to ask this question. the question: i noticed that u are part of the origami usa THE FOLD editing team. and i would like to put a contributing article about origami from a teenagers perspective. who should i contact in regards to the type of article id like to contribute?
thanks for listening,dave

I just wish to share a warning with people attempting this model, there IS such thing as too thick paper. I made the mistake of using paper a bit thicker than cardboard paper, and a bit stiffer. The bottom point pulls apart, the "leaves" are very uneven as to where they are positioned in the circle, and it just doesn't work.

That's absolutely wonderful!

-- Sara

Thanks again Sara for a lovely model. I was avoiding doing this model only because it looked complicated but broke down and made one. It doesn't look too bad for being a first, but nothing ever does. LOL Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for the upload. Always a joy to watch your videos. Thanks again.

Beatiful origami, and is a new!!! a no-modular flower:)

Alessandra: Ciao un saluto da un'altra origamista italiana, di dove sei? io di Roma

Thanks a lot for sharing this beatiful flower.

I never claimed it was a flower. I know it's a fruit, and a very tasty one at that. :)
However, you could see the model to be a flower, or a starfruit.

-- Sara

Actually, it is a flower, well at least at one point! It starts as a flower, and I think thats what this origami refers to. Absolutely gorgeous by the way!

Sorry for the stupid question but when you say "6 inch square" do you mean 6x6 inch or 6 inches diagonally?

When I give sizes, I always do so in terms of side length. So, to answer your question: I meant a 6 by 6 inch square.

-- Sara

You can activate the subtitles in English. I fear I won't be doing a video with the spoken text in English.

-- Sara

Most papers will work nicely with this model. I'd suggest not to use very light or very heavy paper, and some steps will be harder with relatively soft paper.

-- Sara

Vielen, vielen Dank für diese tolle Anleitung, die ich gerade über Pinterest gefunden habe. das muss ich ja unbedingt mal ausprobieren!

Großartig! Ich hab den Link gerade entdeckt und musste es gleich ausprobieren. Nach 3 Versuchen hab ich auch als Origami-Neuling das wunderschön hingekriegt! Danke für das tolle Tutorial. Ich würde sagen das mit der Weihnachtsdeko funktioniert dieses Jahr doch noch! :)

I just made 3 of these and they are beautiful! Thank you! I consider myself a beginner, and this was easy enough but produces a very intricate-looking flower. I made 2 out of standard origami paper and one out of cardstock, which was more difficult to work with, but was manageable. One problem that I had with all three was that the paper ripped at the center point. It's a very tiny rip, just at that one point. What did I do wrong? It ripped as I pinched the edges of the small pentagon together to get the center of the pentagon to collapse downward.
Thank you!

There is indeed quite some stress on the central point of the pentagon. It's not unusual that a small hole forms there. Fortunately, it's hidden inside the model, so shouldn't be visible.
Stronger paper won't rip, but standard origami paper will be prone to rip in the center point. With heavy paper the stress is a lot bigger, so again the risk of it ripping is quite high.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

im having alot of trouble with this oragami project, which is unusual. i am usually very good with papers of such- i like making oragami ballons, frogs, fish, and cranes.......
But i do enjoy this project, and i will try even harder!!!!!!

Thanks! :D

please make a diagram for this. some of us work better with written instructions not video

This is a great video! I had trouble my first attempt, but my second try turned out pretty well. Thanks!

This was my first try. It didn't turn out so well. But its a beautiful model.
I will try to improve!!! I got it on my first try only!!!
Everything Is Possible, Nothing Is Impossible!!!

This was my first attempt at origami and it went so well! Thank you for a very clear instruction on how to make these beautiful paper flowers. Already I feel cozier in my stark dorm room because of these. Very pretty. Thank you for the video!

Very easy to follow, both the diagram and the video. I made mine out of pastel toned calligraphy paper, (A4 but squared, then pentagoned - hmmm? is that even a word???) then combined many modules ( about 30 I think ) to create a lovely pomander, which I gifted to a friend :)

Thank you very much for your wonderful instructions. This is stunning! I found that your method in your German video is easier to make than the version in the English video, even though I don't understand German. But I was able to make a carambola! Thank you!

May I ask what paper you used your models that have such beautiful natural colors?

I used normal Kami, which comes in various colors - including earth tones.

-- Sara

Thank you Sara for your great videos! I have made about a dozen carambola flowers, and learned how to make lotus flowers tonight. I am working through your videos :)! The fir tree looks wonderful but a bit too scary for me right now! *Thank you* for your inspiration!

Took me a while to figure it out, but I finally made it! Thank you for this tutorials, both the diagrams and the video were very helpful :)

por lo poco que entiendo ingles dicen la mayoría que es fácil,me gustaría decir lo mismo,pónganlo en español!!!!

Please check this video with English instructions: http://www.happyfold...
The folding sequence is a little different, and the quality of the recording is better. The finished model is the same, by the way.

-- Sara

how do you make the variation you showed in the video I don't understand how you make the angle bisector of the inner pentagon

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