Octagonal Bowl (Alessandro Beber)

Beber, Alessandro
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

Alessandro Beber taught this octagonal bowl at the CDO Convention 2009. I especially like that you can play around with the finished model to get different variations: you can change the height of the bowl, and depending on taste have a star shape, or sink the corners of the star. No additional creases are necessary.
I'm actually thinking about making a video on this one, and will have to contact Alessandro on it.


where do you get the diagram?
plz reply.
btw Im a big fan of yours

As far as I remember Alessandro said that he hasn't posted diagrams online for this. I'm not sure whether diagrams were published in any books / convention packs. I am thinking about making a video on the bowl, though.

-- Sara

Dear Sara,

Thank you very much for the reply.

I tried to mimic the same procedure as that of the hexagon to octagon. It seems like it can work. I made four boxes which might look like above. But I am not sure those are same as that of above. Since it was trial and error basis, some creases are extra.

Here are two photos, Photo 1, Photo 2.

I made them from printer pages, that paper is bite stiff, so models are not looking nice.

Thanks a lot for you post and reply.
Best regards,
Archana Morye.

Hi Archana,

I'd seen your previous post, and now you report on your success. Very well done! Judging by the photos you posted you were able to exactly reproduce the model that Alessandro Beber showed us. The bowl can be arranged in various ways, so feel free to play around with them more.

I'll still have to look into contacting Alessandro concerning diagrams and a video.

-- Sara

Thanks for diagram of hexagonal box. But is it really possible to get octagonal boxes above from the hexagonal one? Since in hexagon and octagon symmetries are different it won't be as easy as that of hexagon. I tried one hexagonal box using above diagram and it is pretty easy. My first attempt is here. It is not neat.

Anyways I was trying to mimic the same procedure for octagonal box, top portion come as it is, but I couldn't able to figure out middle crease pattern.

Dear, Sara I am waiting for your video for this boxes, those looks very-very good.

When I get tired, I visit your site and every time I get something or other refreshing.

Thank you very much for your detail posts and videos.

Best regards,

and...... it from a hexigon but u can fold it with a octagon

i mean it would be smart and easyer but yeah right <.....

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