Heart Bookmark (Kim Best)

Best, Kim
Adams, Sara
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Mother's Day
Valentine's Day
Paper ratio: 


Do you know how I can get the diagrams for the heart book mark?
Thanks, Todds

Ah, it seems the link I previously posted no longer works. I've updated the link to a working one. So try checking the link posted above the picture, where it says "Diagrams:".

Why not upgrade a video of the heart bookmark. It will be very useful. I find it difficult in the step where you must collapse because i am a beginner. I will be very grateful if you post a video. Thanks

I tried contacting Kim Best a while back, but never got a reply. With no permission from the designer I fear I won't make a video on it.

Thanks for replying. But please help me in the step where I have to collapse. Science I am a beginner u need to help me.WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY

Fold a waterbomb base on the "square" that you have folded. That's it. Just don't get confused by all the extra layers you've already folded in to produce the colour changes for the model.

-- Sara

What do you mean by swivel folds. I don't get the exact shape but something similar. Maybe scince I don't know about swivel folds...

I wouldn't be too worried about that step. It's in the back of the heart, so anything that completes the heart shape and doesn't unfold too easily will do.
As to what a swivel fold is: that's usually when you have a crease already, and you change the direction of that crease. This then makes a point move to a different place.

What does 'top of front cut away' mean? Such origami terms make a diagram look complicated!
I will be glad if you clarify one of my biggest doubts. It is this one!!!
For your reference I'll tell the step no.
It is no.9
waiting for your reply(WILL BE GLAD IF YOU REPLY!!!)

The top of the front layer is omitted to show a step that needs to be performed on the inside of the model. Imagine bending down the top layer, or opening up the model. It's a common technique in diagramming to simply not draw the top layer in for such steps.

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