Joshua Carter's display area

Kamiya, Satoshi
Terry, Nicolas
Carter, Joshua
Review of the paper used: 

All models folded by Joshua Carter, aged 12 - I wish I had started this young!


This is an amazing collection for a 12 year old.....he will probaby end up being a master folder and design his own creations by the time he is all grown up and all!! Simply outstanding!!

i went to that convention and where are my model pictures!!!!!aaa!!

would kraft paper work well with three wise monkeys
if you are wondering why i always ask about kraft is because kraft is the biggest paper i can buy! (locally)

I have never folded those models, nor seen diagrams. So really I cannot say.

-- Sara

first what is the blue thing in the back
second is that thing behind the mammoth, red body white tail, a skunk, satoshi's kirin or a fox?

I fear I only took the picture, so I cannot give details on which models they are. Joshua would surely be able to say.
The blue model in the back may be a crumpled sea urchin (Vincent Floderer style) or something of the sort. As to the skunk / kirin / fox, I'm not sure. I don't think it's Satoshi Kamiya's kirin, but cannot identify the model, either.

-- Sara

Just turned 13 today, and I've done all the Satoshi ones except the Wizard, Barosaurus, and Smilodon before. The pegasus from 5cm square was fun!
I agree with previous comments: this guy will be a master someday!
Now to get back to designing a Draco lizard....

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