Square Box – Lily and Hydrangea (Tomoko Fuse)

Fuse, Tomoko
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
8 units
Paper ratio: 

The base is a simple square box folded from 4 sheets. The lid is a combination of two lily modules, and two hydrangea modules. Someone in the Oxford Origami Society requested this model to be taught in one of our sessions, so I thought I should give it a try.

Paper: 8 sheets of 15cm Kraft paper
Finished model: 8cm x 8cm x 4cm
Folded on: 28 October 2008


The overall base of the box (top and bottom) seem simple enough, but the addition of the Traditional Iris on two modules seems like tedious work! Is it possible to use different models to replace the Iris or Hydrangea? It would also be pretty neat if you could make smaller boxes out of the outer flaps...I think I have seen it some where...

You should be able to fold most simple models that start with a preliminary fold. Of course, half the preliminary fold is attached to the model, so some restrictions apply. Also, on the lower half of the preliminary fold, there are multiple layers which make folding anything too intricate next to impossible (unless, maybe you use tissue foil or something of the sort).
There's also a version of the module that is suitable for some bomb base models. See the crane module for an example. There's some extra paper, which you can release, essentially going back to a preliminary fold with a colour change. Which is what I did to get a white crane on a coloured module. :)

I think with this module, you can't really fold another box on top. That's because one corner of the "small sheet" is firmly attached to the module. That means at least one corner of the box can't be closed. But a variation of the module might release the corner, so that there's a bit more play.

At first I will try some simple and basic origami models for the top of the box...I will send you any successfull ones, I can get, through e-mail ( jpeg format).

...oh by the way, I plan on folding Satoshi's Phoenix!!!

I'm stuck on step 23-25 on the diagram.....(:S)

I forgot to add:

The steps I'm stuck on, are from the "PHOENIX 3.5 DIAGRAM"

I didn't even know that the phoenix was diagrammed now. Cool stuff! Where are they available? Were they done by Satoshi Kamiya, or someone else?

...but to respect Satoshi's great work, most of us have decided to ask his permission before sharing it...I trust you very much Sara, but I do not trust that he will let me share it. I will see if I can contact him...Wish us some luck!

***Where are they available?

-So far there is only one
-Again, it's in a closed circulation under SAtoshi's concent...

***Were they done by Satoshi Kamiya, or someone else?

-I believe the were done by my good friend:

Julio Hitoshi
or maybe Gil Koshiishi

-I don't think it was done by Satoshi himself, since he is WAY too caught up in school to have the time...bummer huh? Also, if it was him, the Orissosiation (<- Is that s-p-e-l-l-e-d right?) would have published the diagram in their magazine

Thanks for that, and you're absolutely right to ask for permission first. As you probably know, I am a strong defender of that. By the way, how do you contact Satoshi? If you have done so before: is he online or is it down to writing letters; do you write in Japanese / get it translated?

I haven't looked into contacting Satoshi Kamiya thus far, but have been playing with the thought. I have had the honour of meeting him and having a quick conversation with him, though. :)

...is really hard, mainly for the fact that he doesn't have a known e-mail...Hitoshi said that he can be contacted through [ http://www.folders.jp/ ] (I don't know how).
...Michael Lafosse keeps contact with him, and I think it's about time someone gave us a public e-mail to talk to Satoshi, it's bugging me, because I wanted to ask him a whole bunch of things on his phoenix ( I am sure that I am not the only one).
...I asked Hitoshi and he said it was ok to give you the page of the diagram, but not everything....I have sent the pages leading up to where I'm stuck, there shouldn't be a problem with that (but it makes me feel bad, because your gonna want the other pages to, so you can finish the phoenix!)
...You can talk to Hitoshi-san, but he doesn't seem to check his e-mail much, good luck with contacting Satoshi! I have sent his e-mail address to you as well, pls don't post it in the public!

I replied to your email, which hopefully helps.
Kamiya-san's website only hints at an email address, and I haven't tried contacting him through that yet. I understand that Kamiya-san doesn't want random people contacting him, and I know others hold it similarly. I think that giving your contacts might be a bigger issue in Japan than it is in Europe or the US. We do live in very different cultures, and that shouldn't be forgotten, or disrespected.
So your "it's about time someone gave us a public e-mail" did leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I am also quite sure that Kamiya-san is a very busy man, and might want to exactly prevent what you wrote right after: lots of people contacting him on various steps of his ingenious models. Just a thought...

...Now for my Debate!

I agree with your point, we should respect different cultures, but this should not come from you, but from him. He should be polite enough to explain such a thing, due to the lack of communication that he holds. It should not be in our responsibility to be shy little critters...I understand that he is busy and we shouldn't preassure him, since his models are actually more of a favor then money income. But does that give him the right to turn away from the kids and adults who are his fans, who wish to learn from him, and who wish to understand his work? I am sorry if I think this way, but I do not believe that one's self should be the first one who's needs are met, but one's neighbors. I hope he changes his mind Sara. Right now I have alot of work, and I'm chosing to honor him through something that took him 24 hours and media pressure just to finish. I don't think I am the only one... Sara, I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings or Satoshi's feelings with my previous comments. Sometimes I speak my mind with and iron toungue and others with levitionaty. I hope you understand my point of you, more than I understand yours. That way you may help me understand something rightous that I can't seem to grasp. Sorry for messing up you gallery with such a provocative comments.

In light of Redemption,

~Child of Ra

"I am also quite sure that Kamiya-san is a very busy man, and might want to exactly prevent what you wrote right after: lots of people contacting him on various steps of his ingenious models. Just a thought" (Sara Adams)

Yes, point taken and reflected! Thats the reason why I asked you not to post Hitoshi's e-mail.
So don't worry, I see what you mean, and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

If you have spoken with him, you should be able to answer the question: does he speak english? Sorry if this sounds a little demanding but I am desperate. I have seached everywhere bofore asking and found nothing. If I can somehow manage to contact him, it would be nice if I knew whether or not I need to translate.

I'm not sure why there's a long discussion on Satoshi Kamiya on a gallery page featuring a model by Tomoko Fuse...
Anyway, Satoshi Kamiya does know English, but I believe he much prefers being contacted in Japanese.

-- Sara

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