Woven Icosahedron (Tomoko Fuse): 30 Units

Fuse, Tomoko
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
30 units
Paper ratio: 
Non-square Rectangle

I fear I do not know the name of this model / the modules. If you do, please do let me know!
The book is available at http://www.viereck-v...

Paper: 30 sheets of 3.5cm by 6.05cm (ratio: 1 by square root of 3), Kami
Model: Icosahedron with a diameter of about 6.5cm


I posted a video a week ago. Seriously, it's not been that long. :)

-- Sara

I post instructional videos about once a month. I've kept to this schedule for a long time now, and try to keep it now, too. Sometimes it is a challenge, as it will be for July, but right now I'm still absolutely on schedule. :)
Please remember that this is a hobby for me. I "also" have a full-time job that occupies "some" of my time and attention. And, of course, I also like doing other stuff once in a while.

-- Sara

ok im going to a convention next month and lang, brill, etc are going there but who is James Peake? i never heard of him. have you heard of him?
btw i googled him found everything but origamist
and i searched your site

Sorry, I don't know James Peake. But then again, I don't know lots of fantastic origami enthusiasts and designers.

-- Sara

Hi, I am into modular origami and this is one of the designs I would like to do but it would be useful if you did a tutorial on this piece.

I learned too much from your videos. Here I want to thank for your effort.
happyfolding and best wishes

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